Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Titanic travels.

A few weeks ago when I was in the throws of renewing my PSV licence I noticed that the NCT documents had not come back. I would need them on the following Monday.

5 PM saw me on the Naas Rd in gridlocked traffic heading for City West the NCT people told me not to worry that someone would be there..
When I got there The intercom didn't answer nether did their phone,then I noticed that their front door was open, so I went in."Hello ! Hello"
Then after 15 minutes a security guy came back and after explaining what I had come for he shuffled off for another good 20 Min's. When he came back he said that no one knows about it, so I told him again that it would be left at the desk, so he looks behind the desk this time and gave it to me...Sometimes you find your old blood pressure rising.

I didn't want to face back into the traffic again so I headed down to the City West conference center where they have a great Titanic display.
It cost 18 euro, but well worth the money.
They have a model of Titanic as she lies on the sea bed in 2 halves, very impressive.
Stories of passengers, facts about the ship.
The rich and famous, the poor and destitute all perished on that night.

The owners of Macys(I think) were on board and the woman was getting into the lifeboat when she stopped and said. "I have been married to my husband for 20 years and we have never spent a night apart, I am not leaving him now."
So she joined her husband on the ship again and they died together.

They have a mock up of 1st class and steerage cabins, the furnaces and loads more.

The front of the submarine is there with its robotic arms and in the souvenir shop you can buy a piece of coal...from the actual Titanic, its the only artifacts they are allowed to sell..
So if you find yourself down in that neck of the woods, take a look and you won't be disappointed.

Taxi things

This is a good one I think.
This is a winner hands down.. Click here and have a look.
The punter is looking for a taxi, they dial a number and the nearest available taxi gets the Job. They get a text with the taxi number, the drivers name and the colour and make of the car.

What is even better is that there is no weekly or monthly fee.
Every call you get you pay 1 euro , but you also gain one euro in the pick-up charge.
No 25% discount either!

So boys and girls give it a swing.
While you are at it say you were sent from Johns Blog.


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    John, Are you wide? Winicab is another bunch of people trying to make profits on the back of taxi drivers. This is from their website. I think you should remove their link. I'ts up to you.
    Our proposed standard registration fee is €500. However, as this is a new concept, the first 1,200 drivers to be accepted to the WINICab system will not pay anything up front. Instead payment will be linked to WINI's successful performance and will be charged as an extra €1 on the first 500 jobs you get.

  2. Well anything that might pass me on a job when I am coming back from Skerries for example would be a bonus. as for the €1 there would be a €2 pick up charge.
    The biggest drawback to this system is that there are 2/3 too many taxis on the road.
    Every little helps.