Thursday, April 08, 2010

Getting ready...

Beautiful pots and vases in a shop at the bottom of Capel St.
Each pot comes with a certificate,like a passport.
That black one costs e1,700 !
Problem is that they are in the wrong location. If they were in a shop in Sutton or Blackrock they might sell faster, or somewhere where there are big houses.
If I was the guy who owns the shop I would put them into auctions all around the country,its a pity the new hotel market has also dried up.
Remember the pot which was in the auction with a reserve of e150 ?
The pot sold for around e1 1/4 million, well they reckon that it's worth e2 million..Have they all gone potty?

A bicycle all done up with flowers for Easter.

Charlotte St, the smallest street in Dublin?

And here is the street, when I first came to Dublin there was a street there now all that remains is 10 ft and the name.

It is one thing after another!
Now I was coughing and I sneezed at the same time .
Guess what?
I put out my back!
It is like a needle jabbing into me , not all the time but if I turn or sneeze It hurts like hell.
So I can't drive.
There is a cure, Acupuncture and I am going for the cure in 1/2 an hour.
Funny how all those needles in the most unlikely places cures you in a few minutes..The Chinese doctor calls it "a blocked energy channel"

Lucky for me I didn't go to this guy.

This is my son playing the drums, this is the reason I have to ask for the destination twice.

The recession continues, some wag says that Dublin gives the best value of European capitals surveyed. Hotels are nearly giving rooms away. Look on the websites and you will find great value. They can't give the same value at the front desk though.

No recession in the courts another driver missed his ticket for being in the bus lane at Heuston, so the old Judge will fine him e400.
I must ring the clampers to come down to the new courthouse in Parkgate St.
Let the Garda know how it feels.


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