Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Back to do my taxes

Well on Tuesday 700 drivers took more than 1,400 special needs children and their helpers into town to be serenaded by the Garda band, then a march down O'Connell St.
Then we drove in convoy our horns blaring with Garda outriders to the Leopardstown racecourse. There the kids had a disco and chips etc. Then back to their special schools, all over by 4 pm.

Every year it touches me to see the brave faces of the kids and every day is such a challenge for them and their families.

Think about other people for an instant your own problems are tiny.

Last Sunday I picked up a lady with the most beautiful voice that I ever heard.
No not in a sexual way, Her pronunciation and tone seemed to touch something in my spirit., it was strange.. It was like the first time I heard the Goldberg Variations.
We know what a voice sounds like, we know what a piano sounds like, so why on this occasion should it be so different?
I can't bring you her voice but I can give you Bach.

Now for me that was too fast. Listen to this one.

The same thing, though quite different.

I have a feeling she was an actress, her voice was definitely coached, or so it seemed to me. She was from South Africa but she had a strong British accent(Oxbridge).
Her car had a flat battery so it was a return trip with her daughter after the weekend with her father, three peoples lives at a tipping point of transition.
It was a period of absolute pleasure for me. I do hope she goes on to be famous, perhaps she is already. What would a taxi driver know?
One thing I do hope she does is to read children's stories on to a tape so that her daughter can listen to them again as she goes to sleep. The hungry caterpillar, Dogger and all the Shirley Hughes books. Great years those were.
Just while I am at it take the Goldberg variations a bit further here


  1. You always have something interesting to share! LOVE the music!

  2. That music hit me in a spot like no music ever has. Sad and pausing to such an exact moment.
    I would love to see it danced to.

  3. Anonymous3:27 AM

    fantastic piece of music,this site is my first port of call eveytime i turn my compuer on,you never fail to make me laugh and feel sad at the same time