Sunday, September 12, 2010

Liffey Swim

Could this be a sign from God?

A Mad garden

Lashing rain for the Liffey swim. They got all wet.

French transport a Solex bike

American truck

Its for advertising, not very Eco friendly though

Well here we are another day over and tomorrow is a new week.

I am glad that the madness did not start off with the burning of the Koran, dialog boys, talk to each other. We all know that most people are honest Honorable people, the hotheads give us all a bad name.

Or as one guy said to me about taxi drivers. "You know its the 95% that give the other 5% a bad name" The cheeky pup !

Did you catch the Liffey swim?
Yes it took place on Saturday . Get it next year 2pm.

The days for me pass in a blur, I often have to look at the paper to see what day it might be today. My routine is not 9 to 5. I start early today, finish for brunch, then do some shopping (Food) then back out, Perhaps back out later on again.
You could start work at 5 am. or 7 am, no one will be there to ask you why you were late etc.
I met up with some of the older drivers the other day, it is hard to believe that we used to bump into each other every few days, now there are so many drivers we seldom see each other.

Who did I meet in my taxi?
Did I really meet you? Wow, lucky me.

Well the lady that sticks out as being my star customer was one funny lady.
She has been in the taxi twice before. A very devout lady she is either going to or from mass. Clarendon St. church to be exact. (So you picked her up too?)
Well she lists out her ailments, her bad neck, back ankles etc. then she asks and answers loads of questions. Raglin Rd was her destination.
"Look at that house there, that belongs to Micheal O'Leary who owns Ryanair. He paid 22 million for it you know.Stop here! I don't want you to stop in front of my house, because they will be scolding me for not asking them to send down the car"
So then when I told her it was 11.20 she flipped. "I never pay that much, I will give you 10 and count yourself lucky!"
She is one funny dude.So rich that they live in millionaires row with chauffeurs at the ready and give out about 1.20

Contrast that with a good looking young girl who got in at Summerhill. Going to Barneys. I told her the only Barney I knew was a big purple dinosaur.
I knew by her tone that she was a druggie, I am a big boy and I should not be shocked to see so many young people killing themselves with drugs. After all the time it still hurts me to see such a waste of what may have been a great life.

When she landed at the bottom of Talbot St she went looking for her sister. "Sorry mister she has the money and she is here somewhere" After 2 minutes I just drove away without waiting for her. I scored a passenger a few minutes later, I have no doubt she scored as well in a different way.
Its not just girl drug addicts I worry about, a few months ago I brought a boy to a drugs refuge run by a priest called Fr.McVery
He seemed to want to settle in when I went away. 2 days later he was back on the streets begging. He didn't know me., he needs good parents.

Though now I know he will be dead before Christmas.

It is strange how we spend millions on keeping lord mayors and presidents in luxury and little on treatment centers for heroin addicts.
I have met people who work with them and they tell me it is not as black a picture as I paint in my mind. One girl was once an addict and now works among them, she was well adjusted and confident.
So perhaps there will be salvation for some.

A girl from Argentina who was going to the Herbert Park hotel in Ballsbridge. Through I believe a misunderstanding she insisted that I take her around to the front entrance rather than the side entrance. Now the side entrance does not take you through the kitchens its an alternative entrance.
Anyhoo I drove her around the block while I told her I was taking Tango lessons.
"I love tango! Is it tonight ? I want to go" Sadly no but I will look it all up.
Look hereThen try here Or here

Is Dublin gone Tango mad?

Or I shpould tell you about the old pop star from Liverpool who was going to the Guinness storehouse.(No not Paul)
I still can't get his name but he was very funny.
"The girls in Dublin are so beautiful John, not like when we were young. Those women back then had mustaches and were as rough as a bears arse!
I saw a girl on Grafton St. She had the most beautiful long legs, so long that if I had a prize I would have given it to her..BEST LEGS IN THE WORLD.
The last time I saw such long legs I was at the grand National at Aintree!"
The 2 other guys in the car were ringing New York and Hong Kong etc.
One of the guys said he was supposed to be meeting someone in London at this present moment in time.
The rocker said."You think it some kind of joke to stand up that guy because you don't need him? The day will come when you will need him very badly,don't be surprised that he leaves you cold. Grow up you pair of twats"
He, like me resented them phoning around like they really mattered.
They were just digging holes for themselves to fall into.
He really was able to put his finger on where they were letting themselves down in public.
"John and me wouldn't be phoning around making appointments we couldn't keep.
We could teach you pair a lot about what is and what is not good manners."
It is really annoying when someone is going on on their phone ignoring everyone else.
"Look lads why don't you have an office to look after all that? Then you would be like John and me"

I saw his face on so many posters, 60ish, I am sure it will come back to me who he was, a really funny guy. Well clued into the ways of the world.

I really should keep a note book and fill you in on everything.

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