Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Dubliners

Aviva stadium

As seen from....

A Segway tour of Dublin the glider tour

Inchicore works, they once made trains

In loud wigs, a stag group hits the streets.

Its the Dubliners, much loved by all.

I hate doing my taxes. There are always invoices missing and every year I say I must get a better system.
I once read a book about Howard Hughes the Billionaire after that I realize that I am not too bad at all, I also declare I am not a Billionaire..

The old tax man came after Fallon and Byrne and hit him for around 3/4 of a Million euro in under declared VAT and taxes. Problem with many chiefs is that they can cook many dishes, but they are no good at cooking the books.

2 Cavan men sitting at the breakfast table, they open the letters and read the mail. They both get "final demands"from the income tax people.
So hey screw them into a ball and throw them into the fire.
"Thanks be to Cripes we have heard the last of them fellas"

A lady got into my taxi going to Manooth the other day, she had booked a taxi and it had not come up to collect her. When they rang back they told her they had no record of the booking. It was an agreed price and I said I would do it at the price quoted.
I really should do a TV programe from the taxi because I get the most unusual information from my "guests". I tell them something, they comment, then I ask a question and we shoot off on a tangent which may lead anywhere.
This lady is a "sniffer", she tests perfumes and different things to make sure they are correct.
She got the job after she smelled that a dress was reeking of cigarette smoke, she suggested that it should be withdrawn from sale, but the shop assistant could smell nothing wrong. Another lady sniffed the dress and as a result offered her a job as a "Sniffer"
When we arrived in Manooth she gave me a 10 euro tip! The strange thing was that had it been done on the meter it would have been 10 euro less than the price quoted to her.
I went back via the back roads, through Leixlip where the big Intell plant is and even through Lucan and along the Liffey banks to the big city.
MY wife has a very acute sense of smell as well and once there were complaints of a "Funny" smell in the taxi. As I had not picked up any clowns I asked my wife to step in. I had had the seats covered with a PVC covering and the PVC smell was like urine.
So I sprayed the seats with water and sprinkled baking powder over the coverings and rubbed it in. After an hour I washed it off and I had to do it once more to reduce the smell further.
But it just goes to show you, few people said anything, but what were they thinking?.

I might have a taxi fare to LONDON ! Its a pity it is not a paying trip.
My oldest son did not do his projects for college and as a result he would have had to sit the first year of his course again, so he is going to get a job in London and I want to rid our house of his cat as well the cat makes us all sneeze and cough. The dog tries to attack the cat at every turn as well, so it is like some kind of allergy and zone at present. 5 hour drive from Holyhead so I wonder what the taxi fare will be?

One guy in the taxi today had an interesting theory about beautiful women.
"Look I know a lot of fantastic looking girls are never asked out on a date because the guys are too scared to ask them out. The guys just feel that this girl is so beautiful that they would never say yes. So I go for it and you know it works. Not all the time but it does work more often than you might think"

Do You know it is true sometimes, like that girl from Brazil who preferred the longer taxi ride so as to placate the taxi driver? Well we got on just fine, and she wass a fantastic looker. I suppose neither of us were trying to impress the other so we could just hang loose as they say and relax.


  1. Thanks for the post of The Dubliners. I have just added it to my Facebook.
    As a Dublin born, Canadian raised woman, I really enjoy your blog. I go back to Dublin frequently and always feel that it is home.

  2. I love to see old footage of Dublin,this clip I have used it before. But if its good why not.
    Glad you popped in.

  3. I'm an American and last year I studied in Dublin and I did a couple projects where I interviewed several taxi drivers while I was being driven somewhere and during the taxi protests and I gave a presentation on the taxi situation back at my college in the states.

    I really have been enjoying your blog- not only because I like the nostalgia of remembering my time in Dublin, but also I love the way you SEE people. It's refreshing. Thanks for the joy of reading your posts and seeing your pictures. :) Can't wait to read more.

  4. The song and the video made me sad. I suppose at some point in all of our lives the world passes us by.