Sunday, September 26, 2010

A great weekend

Michael Buble the Canadian crooner filled the taxi drivers pockets this weekend. He played in the Aviva stadium on Friday and Saturday nights. It holds around 60,000 people, so every hotel bedroom in the city was full. Everyone who went was happy with the show, but they were very cold as it was an outdoor event.

I think he is one great singer, he sings "My way" nearly as good as I do.

In the middle of all the fuss I picked up this well dressed gent and lady.
He was wearing a striped blazer that looked really great. When I told him is was very smart he said he had taken the cover off the deck chair and had it made up.
The conversation swung around to "Dublin in the rare auld times"and I started to tell him about a video of Brendan Behan thats on you tube.

Anyhow as we turned up towards Crumlin I said "There s Brendan Behans house now".
Then he laughed and told me he was a Behan himself. He lives in England and is a psychologist. "One thing about them Behans was that they had too much brains" said I.

So when we parted I was his newest best friend, I wouldn't have minded spending an hour with them.

Getting back to people who were in the taxi. That old rocker that I couldn't recall was Bryn Ferry, he had a group long ago called Roxy Music.

He was a very sound guy with his 2 feet firmly on the ground. I liked his style, very much knew whhat he was about. Single minded if you know what I mean.

What of King Bono?

Well might you ask.
His charity called One has spent over $50 each on goodie bags for the press who are attending the World summit on poverty.
This is to remind them that One is lobbying the US government to donate $6 billion to Aids funding !.
I have to say he looks really foolish now.
His orgisation has spent over $6 million in wages over the past few years.

But, on the other hand the Clarence hotel which he and the Edge still own have slashed the price of lunch to.....€9.95 a pop.
Now covers are up and the dining hall is buzzing.
I think I will treat myself and go there some day very soon.

Chuck Feeney (my hero) and Bill Clinton ar ecoming to Dublin to honour the memory of a famous philanthropist this week. I will put in her name when I find it.

On other dynisties, did you see the photo of Mark Shriver in the paper? That Kenneddy gene is very strong, you would still recognise him as a Kenneddy,he was paying tribute to the special olympics, Eunice his mother was a patron.

Monday night is Tango night and my teacher asked me to look at this.

100 yerrs old and still doing tango

Here she is at 96

Here is the "Silve Fox " again.

Dance on and stay young.

Mad Magic

To coincide with the new school term.

The Canadian campaign puts a painting on the road that, from a distance, appears to be a small girl trying to pick up a ball from the road.
Its a 3D painting.
The illusion is the centrepiece of an accident awareness scheme by accident prevention charity Community Against Preventable Injuries

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  1. Bryan Ferry is awesome. I used to listen to Roxy Music back in the '80s. That video of Tom Lehrer is cool. I used to listen to him on Dr. Demento. That was a radio show in the states. Dr. Demento would play 2 hours of novelty records. I always thought that Tom Lehrer was contemporary to the '80s. From that video, it looks like he's more from the 50's or 60's.