Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 families 7 dead

Tonight I am in shock and am refusing to listen to the news bulletins.

Two families were wiped out by murder yesterday.

In Newcastle west Co.Limerick a 5 month girl a 3 year old boy their mother and a family friend were stabbed to death. A man is being held.

In Ballycotton Co. Cork a 6 year old girl and her 2 year old sister were suffocated.
Their father was killed when his car crashed and burst into flames, some say he was bringing back petrol to burn down the house when he crashed.

Whether it was jealousy madness or drugs we may never know.

The angels in heaven must be crying in despair as I write.

Say a prayer for the innocent angels and thank your God for what you have.


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM


    I've been reading your blog for over a year (I live in the craziest town in the U.S. - Washington, D.C.) and you impress me as a compassionate and thoughtful man.
    I'd love to read your opinion of the Ireland financial mess and the imminent bank bail out.

  2. That's terribly sad. Of course, the news will be making entertainment out of it. I don't blame you for not watching!