Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let it snow,Let it snow,Let it snow

Garda wait at government buildings to defend democracy.

The marchers set off from Wood Quay

Banner on Liberty Hall. Marching for a Better Way.

Ringsend in the snow.

My taxi safe and sound in the drive.

The tree outside my house in the snow

Well today was a really good day for me. There was thunder and lightening through most of the night then at 7.30 am an almighty crash of thunder and lightening shook the house. It tripped the ELCB (Earth leakage circuit breaker) and my alarm clock went blank, every burglar alarm in the area was kicking up a racket,including mine.
So I turned off the alarm, turned on the power and headed out. For the first 10 mins I had no luck. Then I turned to go back in the coast road again and I found that a bus had skidded and was blocking all the other buses.
Then I got my first job and as I passed the same people again they all had their hands out to get a taxi. Its a pity I wasn't a bus, I could have brought them all. But I went on.
Later I found out that the Dart had been stopped on the North side of the city.
I had an enchanted day, like the guy who was king everyone was waving at me.

There was a big demonstration today against the governments plan to sink the country under a sea of debt. Some say 50,00 others say 100,000 came, considering the weather it is a brilliant turn out.
Sin Fein won the election in Donegal and everyone except the people who are in power now will be elected in the next round.
The problem is that the more radical you are the better chance you will have of being elected, people are madder then hell..

The Garda defended government buildings.
They are fighting the wrong people.

Well that's what I think anyhow.

Well this year the embedding has been stopped. so you have to click here.

Here is someone you don't here much now.

I brought her out to Blackrock a good few years ago with a much older man, he went in to the petrol station to get cigarettes in Booterstown and I chatted with her while we were waiting, I do remember saying she really nice curls. The one thing that stuck in my mind was that they were an odd pair.
It was a strange situation, he was her manager as it turned out.
One other thing is that her father is a Russian doctor working in Belfast.
Now look at her features again. To my eye she looks Turkish or Greek.
I hope she comes back into vogue again I love the tone of her voice.
Sadly I only recognised her weeks later.


  1. Thunder and Lightening!! We were in Scotland last December and our son in law said Scotland does not have thunder and lightening. Wonder why Ireland gets it and Scotland does not? Texas has PLENTY of BOTH!

    I enjoy reading your posts!

  2. Well they do have thunder in Scotland and Whisky plus faries.
    In Texas the alarm systems are really supressed to be immune to electrical spikes caused by lightning.
    I once met an oil man from Texas we had a good hour shooting the breeze, big stetson hat like John Wane.

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