Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The storm passed over

Click on the photo to enlarge it. The small dots on the top tf the ship are people !
Can you fathom this, strong winds,the state of the art ship goes aground at Fleetwood near Blackpool.A ships captian who lives up the road from me told me that the wind caught the high sides of the ship and she had no room to manover, so she went aground. A brand new ship totally scrappedand and cut up.

A Triumph 2500 in Finglas

Well we were ready for the worst and it didn't happen.But the latest forecast is bad.
They had put sand bags along the coast, then big pumps with pipes a foot wide ready to pump water back out to sea. We got a storm sure enough, waves splashed on to the sea wall and sent spray over the houses on the Clontarf seafront.

The power of nature is an awesome thing for sure.

The Sea Cats were tied up for the duration of the storm and the Ulysses was 3 hours late coming in on that morning. Other smaller ships had to remain at sea for hours as they couldn't get back into port.

I likes to go by sea me. Rather than fly.
They never take your water away, or your aftershave.
They don't ask you to take off your shoes either.
Quite a relaxed way to travel.

Did you hear of the DJ who started to masterbate on an Aer Lingus flight?
Well he was chastised and later on he said in his defence he said.
(There should be a drum roll here.)
"Well if they say it happened, it must have happened. I don't remember"

There was a question about how willing the staff were in stopping him and how a guy out of his mind was allowed on the flight.

If it was a Ryianair flight he would have been bitch slapped so fast that he would have bee a born again Christian on landing.

Imagine going to America on a liner though!. (not a jet liner)
Just the thought of New York coming up on the horizon and sailing past Miss Liberty.

That would be something to look forward to.

A guy I met once is a magician, he works magic on cruise ships and liners.
He told me he looked at his bank balance once, he had never to spend his own money while he is on the ship,the best of company, fantastic food. He has never WORKED a day in hil life, think about it ? Find what you like to do and get a job doing it.

Well after the rugby I got a fair at the Hairy Lemon (Yes,its a bar) he was going far out of town €66 as it turned out.
He was 6 ft. 8 and built like like a Panzer tank. He was drunk in a good way,"I'm sorry to take you out of your way Mr.Taxi man He said sorry around 80 times between hiccups. As we came to Liffey Valley shopping center he asked me to drive in.
"I want to go to McDonald's he said. I told him it was closed as It was 10.30.
Then as we drove through the car park he said

"Where are we?"

Then the whys? Why did you come in here ? Etc.

Then I explained that he had told me to go there.

Next we headed for Lucan where we found a MacDonald's drive thru which was open.
Much High 5s and shaking of hands and we left with a €21 order!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine that! But his beverage was WATER.

I woke him up when we landed at his town and he directed me to his home where his wife was waiting with a face like thunder.
I reduced the fare to €60. He paid and we became BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE !

I put the 3 bags of McDonalds into his beautiful wife's arms and got a big hug from her bear of a man.

As I drove out of his estate there was a big sign. "PRICE REDUCER BY €100,000"
How the hell must the first people who bought at the full price feel.
It would take me a long time to pay back €100,000 plus interest.

All was well, trips like this can go so badly wrong, he mightdo a runner or refuse to pay, you never know.

In this very area a Garda did a runner once apon a time and when the garda was found butt he arrested the taxi driver for assault.
The driver was later released and then when his wife heard what happened the taxi drivers wife rang her uncle who had strong contacts with the Garda commissioner.
The resulting investigation was a sea change in the policing of the Celbridge Naas area.

The taxi driver got paid and he also got paid again for coming back down to Nass.
If you are to believe the story, he heard the words "Sorry" from the Garda.

Now, that would be worth hearing!

What would you buy a deaf fish for Christmas?


What do you expect? I am not a comedian.

I am doing other things at present, driving a little bit, for pocket money mostly.
I don't watch soaps. I just talk to my passengers.

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