Sunday, November 07, 2010

A hurricane a comin'

Seems like a great day.

I look at the bags and I see the gap at the bottom where a small dog could run through!

Years ago when Moses was just a boy a wise man has a wooden donkey in the garden to tell him the weather.

"It works like this he said, if I look out the window and I can't see the donkey I know that there is heavy fog or it is night time, or as once happened I had a bag over my head.
Then if I can see him I know that the weather is clear and It is daytime.
Then if I look at his tail and it is not moving I know that there is no wind.

So the next thing I do is to feel the donkeys tail if it is wet I know it has rained and if I get wet when I am outside I know it is raining now.

Then if the donkey falls over I know there is a bloody earthquake"

That is still the best way to tell the weather.

Sending satellites up into space are only an extra aid.
Someone told me his "glass" was back for fair weather, and that is enough for me.

We are facing a hurricane tonight so it is said. I think his name is Edward.
When I was a lad hurricanes were all Girls.
Perhaps they ran out of girls names with Catriona.

Sand bags line the shores in Clontarf and Sandymount.
They are damned if the do nothing and people say it is such a waste of money to do all this work without putting something in place which will do the job forever.

You should see the sea defenses that they have built in Blackpool and many other British seaside towns.

Fingers crossed that nothing will happen. (I think this works as well)

Well we had rugby. Ireland V Sth. Africa a good close game.
The only team who were beaten were the IRFU. They priced the tickets so high that fans could not afford to come.Empty seats all over the place.
This has happened with the soccer too.

There was an interview with an commonest on the radio the other day. He told us that our Prime minister was on a conference call to a bank in America.
They asked Brian Cowan a question and his reply was that this would not effect Ireland as we were an island. They were all stunned as it showed them how little of a grasp he has of fiscal matters.
He WAS the minister of finance who got us into this mess don't forget.

I must tell you about the drunken guy I had going to the country the other day.
Something is happening when I press "Publish post" loads of text vanishes.

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