Thursday, November 04, 2010

Don't be too depressed.

Phillipa selling the bread from the Bretzel bakery.Try the turnover its to her left.

What would Oscar Wylde have thought

Vintage Volvo

The entrance to the Gibson hotel

When you see markets opening up it takes me back to the days of the Dandelion market which was held on the site of what is now the Stephens Green shopping center.

It is said that Bono of U2 fame once busked there.

Harry Crosbie has started a new market down at the site of his "skyscraper".
Markets are hard to get moving and this one is a bit out of the way, but you can get to it on the Luas.

It seems like only yesterday when Charles J. Haughey our leader at the time spoke to the nation about hard times and the need to be careful with money.
While he spoke in grave tones he wined and dined his kiss and tell mistress.
He had race horses,bought islands and had Charve shirts made in Paris.
He salted away millions in the Caymen islands for himself and his golden circle.

All was found our by Margret Heffernan when she came across a cancelled check which was cashed there. The shit fairly and squarely hit the fan after that.

But everything changes and everything remains the same

We are back at the start again.

A politician resigned in Donegal the other day.
His pension will be in the Reagen of €95,000 a year.

He is a doctor with a busy practice,not a retired person.

Another job which becomes vacant soon is the President.

We have a Prime minister as well.

Our President gets more money than Barrack Obama and our population is only 4 million.
Our Prime minister is in the top 4 highest paid in the EC, as well paid as the French, Spanish or German chancellor.

We should lock them up without pay and put a hairdresser and a taxi driver in charge until they have all been put on trial and then shot for treason.

Enough of politics!

When I turned 21 + I decided to hit it head on and to celebrate I went to Donnington Park to drive a Ferrari 360.
Well I am on their e mail list and this is on offer From Dublin you fly into East Midlands a. £12 taxi fare brings you to the paddocks.
The Lambo and the R8 look great, but at this price I will go for the Atom and the Lotus as well.
When you are finished the drive walk to the exit where there is the best motor museum I ever saw.
Then a free lift back to the airport from the park and ride across the road.
Then the Aircoach into Nottingham to the oldest pub in Britain.
"The trip to Jerusalem"
Yes folks they went there for one last pint of ale before heading off to the holy land.
When we went we got return flights from Dublin for €20.

Speaking about Germans and an odd sense of Humour.
Most people don't think its funny.
Then when you build a car that strong what do you expect.?


  1. Hope you don't mind but Im stealing this :)

    I will of course link it back to your blog

  2. I always think that statue of Oscar Wilde looks like Hugh Grant!

  3. I really like that Volvo Amazon. About those high-end sports cars, they're cool but a lighter one seems to be more interesting, at least for me, specially a British-green Caterham Super 7.