Sunday, June 10, 2012

As stupid as the day is long.

This is the Polish embassy,It has been renovated to a wonderful high standard finish. The pointing on the brickwork is magnificent.
But one of our Historical buildings group are up in arms as they were not allowed to put their spoke in and they say that the embassy didn't have full planning permission for the works.

Boys and girls, get over it.

This is an Embassy, they don't need your permission.

Its wonderful work, just admire it.

After a show closes Paul Mathew dismsntles the stage and has it on the boat on its way to its next venue.
So it was with Midnight Tango and the show in the Olympia as well

That iconic building at the end of D'Oler St.

Ann Chapman puts the finishing touches to her displays before the grand opening of her Jewellry shop Stonechat. Its in the Westbury Mall.

Good luck with the big venture.


It didn't happen to me, but it might happen to you some time in the future.

A taxi driver picked up a fare from the airport to an insurance company on the other side of town,
On the way there the passenger asked the driver about getting back to the airport again.
So the driver agreed to collect him again at a set time and they exchanged numbers.
The taxi driver told the guy that he could pay for the whole trip on arrival at the airport.
At the fixed time the taxi was at the door where he had dropped his passenger. 10 minutes later with a no show he rang the number, no answer.
So he waited 10 more minutes and rang 2 more times before going into the office.
The girl at reception remembered the visitor, but he had gone away an hour before and he had asked her where he could get the aircoach from.

She called the section manager who came to reception, after listening to the taxi driver he rang him from the office phone. He answered after 2 rings.

"Hello Mr Schmit? This is Mr Jones from the insurance company.
We are having a problem with your taxi which you booked to collect you."

Mr Smith explained that he had broken a verbal agreement with his driver and he had further tried to cheat him out of his money by running off to the airport and hen not awnsering his telephone. Mr Schmit had been caught badly.

So he hung up the telephone and rang Mr.Schmits boss in Germany.
He explained what had happened and how Mr Schmit had refused to answer his phone when his taxi driver tried to call him, yet when he was called from the office the phone only rang twice.

"To settle this matter I am paying the driver €100 for his time, I will expect your cheque in due course and I would request that you send Mr Schmit to see a psychiatrist as I believe he must be mad!.

He has placed our business relationship on a very bad footing going forward, as one tennant of business is that it is done on trust"

The taxi driver was paid, I would suppose the other Mr Schmit will be looking for a new job soon.

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