Thursday, June 21, 2012

Goodbye Westlife

Wow last night was like Christmas eve long ago, queues a mile long at every bus and Luas stop.
We had the final concerts of Westlife.
Total chaos, I got 2 long runs which took me out of the loop for more than an hour each time.
I often say "Its the short runs that pay the rent"

Hailo is thinking of expanding into New York, I put them in touch with taxi drivers there.
Every city is different.

Here are 2 New York taxi drivers.

John does a radio show on radio free Eire I used to listen to it a lot on the internet, I was on it when I went there.

He is never stuck for something to say

Here is video clip of Yazmine and Leonardo from Mexico City who were here last summer teaching Tango.
She never danced like this with me.
You might guess I have still a lot to learn.

Enjoy it.

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