Friday, June 08, 2012

Hailo cabs are coming

It rained today like a tropical storm, which chased people into taxis like the taxis were going to heaven by express.
It was 6pm before I got home for my BREAKFAST.
But I got snacks in the Bretzel bakery.
After the morning rush I swung past Mount St to speak to Hailo cabs, this system allows members to call up the nearest Hailo taxi to them, once the person gets acceptance they get the ETA, drivers name and picture plus the roof sign number.
Then the arrival time is given in real time, 2 Min's, 1 min etc.
There is an instant one touch 5 min call back to alert the passing er.

If you are going to visit them say that John who writes the blog sent you.
They are paying a bounty on referrals.

Everyone I told about thought it was a fantastic idea.
One guy told me that the main reason people don't take taxis is that they don't carry cash any more.
With Hailo credit cards are no problem.

Imagine no base fees and the customer knows what the person picking them up looks like.

An Asian guy with fantastic English got into the taxi.
When I remarked on his good command of the language he told me that English is the spoken tongue in Singapore, he is a doctor in Dublin and is finishing his time here.

He told me about a very bad crash between a Ferrari and a Taxi at traffic lights back home.

"You know not the hour or the day"

Be safe out there.

Perhaps we can blame William Shakespeare for the weather as his plays are being performed in the open in Trinity College from the 6 th to the 16 of June

Must go to bed now. Good night.
The photos will be coming from my Ifone when I get that sorted out


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  2. Thanks for the lift today John, pleasure being your first Hailo customer. Great blog!