Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Time to die

People get in and out of taxis all over the world, some people talk with the driver others ignore their presence.

She got in on the North Strand, good looking with a great figure, she was in good health.
"Could you take me to Noctors in Sheriff St and back here for €8?,its all I have"
So we set off to buy drugs, not hash but heroin. I checked out on the slang later.

She was on the phone. "I'm in the taxi now, I'll be there in a minute, no I can't wait. Just come down now."

So we arrived and her dealer was not there. She spoke to 4 men drinking beer on the street. Yes they knew her and her dealer but they had no "Brown".
(Dealers have their own customers and they won't sell to anyone else in case it is a sting operation, however your dealer might bring you to another dealer.)
I moved up out of earshot then the guys became paranoid in case I was an undercover detective.
So she asked me to drive away.

She could buy drugs a bit closer to home, but if someone saw what she was doing they would tell her mother.

So I had a young healthy girl 20 ish, buying Heroin in the middle of the day.

She knows what it will do to her and her entire family.

There is a monument of a giant torch on Buckingham St.
It is there to remember the hundreds and hundreds of people who died of drugs in this area.

It is sad, it is like a body blow with a shovel to me.
You just stand there numbed by their actions.


  1. That is a tough one. I don't suppose there was any way to talk her out of it. She won't be in good health or good looking for long. A shame to throw your life away like that.

    1. She had her mind made up for sure,It is a puzzle that cannot be solved.

  2. Tough call but you can't control other people. Addition is a terrible thing.

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