Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week long of prayers

Imagine a parking meter that will not take €50 notes!.
Its at Dublin port

Sail training ship from Denmark. They have girl sailors as well as boys !

Some vintage cars on a tour from France no less.

A new Dublin street. Excise walk.

As I am driving around I have the App for HailO cabs turned on all the time so that I will be used to using it when it is launched next week.
Road closures and accidents pop up to warn you as you approach danger areas.
I have processed 4 credit card payments, these jobs I would have had to pass over, now its easy peasy.
In order for this to work they will need to have enough cars on the road.
Girls love the concept,
"You mean to say I will know who is coming to collect me?"

Taxi drivers remember "NO weekly base fees"

Part of the deal was that I had to update my phone.
What do you think of the Photos ? They were taken with the Ifone.

12 Upper Mount St. Beside the Pepper Canister Church.

That was a wonderful week of Prayer we had.The tall ships will be the next big thing.
Well I looked it up 23/26th August.

Anything of interest?

Well we have had a new addition to our extended family a little baby grandson, so the knitting needles have been working for months, now we know what color the wool should be.

Good night and may your own GODS go with you.

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  1. which has been the scene of Prague transportation many cars vs. people crossing the road over the years. In many cases -- the cars always win.