Monday, May 20, 2013

15 0n the 19th

Well I had my birthday on Sunday the 19th.

Horay for being 15 !

Really I am that age on the inside. I never ever grew up.

Thank God.

Tango fiesta del Sol is coming to Dublin Click here to see what is going on
This is your chance to see Julian and Kristina in action.

Who could forget Gereldine Rojas (bad camera work)

Well there really more to life than driving a taxi.

My life is like the life of a fisherman. I trawl my lines along certain shores looking for fish to bite on my line.
Sometimes the really good spots are dead, at other times they are hopping.
C'est la vie

I went to Foster place and moved on to the center of the road, after a while I saw this  young lady on the opposite footpath trying to get directions outside Abercrombie and Fitch. She was not having much luck either.
I wanted to cross the road  and give her a street map, but that would involve leaving my car alone on the traffic island. It was cold anyhow, so I sat back into the car where it was warm.
I had turned on the radio when the very same girl tapped on my car window.
She was looking for that tourist hostel place on St.Augustine St..It was not far away.
Maria from Brazil is drop dead gorgeous! Even though she had not slept for 24 hours.
She is meeting her boyfriend from Spain and they are spending some time here in Dublin.

On the trip I made her laugh, she made me laugh too.
"Please give me your phone number" she said  "I want you to drive us back to the airport"
So when we arrived I carried her bag across the road and asked her to link my arm as we crossed over.
I told her that I did this just to make the other guys who were stuck in traffic jealous.
The happy people from Brazil have a song which translates.
"I have no food for my saucepan but at least I can make it play music"

Those girls from Brazil are such a wonderful mix of race that they all look fantastic

By the way there is a sailing ship from Brazil parked near to the Sam Beckett bridge.

A driver from the Westbury hotel rank was beaten up the other day .
Punched and robbed of cash and his mobile phone.
Its part of the risk you take.
There is a good reason to have CCTV recording in every taxi,
In Brazil the violence towards taxi drivers is much higher.
Look at Brazil taxi on the right.
Then use Google translate. It gives you a taste of the story.

Their world is so different to ours.

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