Sunday, May 05, 2013

6th May 1882

Today is the sixth of May.

On this day in 1882 Lord Cavendish the new Viceroy of Ireland had just arrived in Ireland to take up his post.
Lord Cavendish and Henry Burke the head of the Civil service took a stroll through the Phoenix park and they were set upon by a group of men and murdered.

Now this sent a shock wave through the world.

The group responsible became known as the Invincibles.

Such a horrific act put into train a murder hunt like no other before.
"Suspects" were rounded up and people with grudges informed on their enemies (who were innocent of that crime)
The horror of the event and the brutal execution of innocent men is a story of epic proportions.
One informer was later recognised on a ship headed for Australia, he was killed by a man who knew him.
That man was then executed and his daughter had to go on to Australia alone.

So to read more click here.

Now today go to the park

Walk towards the Phoenix monument from town.
Look to your right and when you get a clear view of the front of the presidents house, you are there, right at the spot.On the left hand side

There is a cross made out in white marble chippings on the ground.

Today there will be 2 wooden crosses and 2 small posies of flowers laid by a mystery person at the spot.

They will not be there for long as thee deer eat them.

Who puts them there?
Decendents of the killers?

Who knows.

I was on Chesterfield Avenue today at 9.15 and there were no crosses or flowers.
But later on around 3 pm I checked again and the flowers were there. The grass around the marker had been cut back and I assume that someone had taken the crosses away to sell on Ebay !

Look back through this blog for other postings made at this time. I have photos of the posies and crosses.

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