Saturday, May 11, 2013

London taxi in Dublin

                   Someone has taken out their alarm !

Yesterday when I had finished work I went for one pint in my local.
I had my coin holder in my hand and I started to fill it while I was waiting for my pint to settle.
The guy beside me told me that in London this is called a"piano" because the coins go up and down in value.
He told me that he was a London cabby and he had driven his big black taxi all the way to Dublin.
He told me to have a look at the number on the way out.

When you look in your rear view mirror it reads "TAXI". Nice one.

Security is always a big thing, let it slip and you learn a lesson.
The other day a guy approached 2 tourists who were taking photos with their laptop.
"I just wanted to tell you that you have to be very careful as thieves are swooping on people and snatching cameras and laptops."
Fair play to him, his words fell on deaf ears as they told him they were always careful.
On Pierce St a girl was pulling her suitcase along with one hand and in her other hand was her purse which she held out as she was walking . I stopped beside her and asked her to put the purse in the bag or into her pocket. She ignored me and just walked on.
Perhaps she didn't speak English? who knows.
Then Near Hollies St a man and woman were sitting on a bench together eating breakfast. The woman's hand bag was on the opposite side of the table.
Again I stopped and told them to bring the bag around beside them.
Absolutely no reaction.
Perhaps next time I should run up and take the purse/bag just to demonstrate what a shock loosing it would be to them.
A girl from Mongolia who lives up the road from my house was going down Marlborough St.She was talking away on he fone. A guy passed her on a bicycle, he turned around and came alongside her again and snatched the fone from her hand. She told me that it was insured and it would cost €700 to replace.

On being told and doing nothing another fine example comes to mind.
A pub and off license in the city center was taken over by a new owner.
The monitoring of the alarm system had 3 months left to run when they took it over.
When the contract ran out they didn't renew.
Now unless the alarm is linked in they will get no Garda response when the alarm activates, in a hold up situation the personal attack button will be ignored.
The cost of the contract is €400 which is tax deductible.
To cap it all when there will be a robbery or a fire the insurance would be void.

Still you can tell some people, but experience educates them !

A realy friendly customer who came to me via HailO told me of her tale of woe.

She was driving along and a car came straight at her on the wrong side of the road.
He crashed ito her and then hit a tree.
He was drunk out of his mind !
Now among her injuries was a broken hip.
Her foot was on the brake and because her leg was straight the bone was pushed through her hip bone.
Ouch !
Now in the courts he had a good barrister and was painted as a saint, so he got off very light.
There is no justice in the courts, only law.

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