Thursday, May 09, 2013

I found her again today

As I travel around Dublins fair city I often see sights that are wonderful to see.
A few days ago I stopped the taxi and said WOW to a lady walking past.
She had the most wonderful long hair I ever saw. It cascaded down her back like a wonderful waterfall of gold, in the morning sun it was totally fantastic, such a joy to see it.

I didn't think of it any more. (Getting old)

Today I was sent for a message to Artaine Castle, there was a lady there collecting for animal rescue, I put in a few coins on passing. Coming back again I talked to her only to find out it was the same lady with the fantastic long hair.

She comes from Lithuania not Sweden as I thought.
I gave a look of the photos to some of my passingers, one Polish girl was unable to speak for a while.
After a while she spoke, "I am totally speechless" she finally said.
A Russian lady told me that this is quite common in Russia, sometimes they grow their hair to the ground, now that would be something to see.

What will we talk about? Do you know that if you let people walk over you your conditions will get worse and worse.
I have spoken about the clothing workers conditions in Pakistan, India and Mauritius.
The conditions in these factories is a hell on Earth.
It is time that we got a "Fair trade clothing" label.

I had a really good start to my day today.
Clontarf to the Clarion Hotel at Liffey Valley. Around €30
The lady works for the tourist board organizing golf outings.

She was on her way to be given a talking to by the managers of local golf clubs.
They will be wanting to know why there is not more business.

My tuppence worth was this, look you are the guys who were charging the earth for a round of golf in the good times. Better to ask them to find out how to make the golf trips more memorable for the guests and to remember who is trying to help them in this present situation.

Later on I picked up a guy from Limerick who is here to entertain some business men who are over for a multi golfing outing. Then they are off to Johnny Foxes pub for a night out tonight.
He has 2 construction company's in Finland look here 

Then I got a HailO job from Pierce St to near Grafton St.
A Saudi lady studying medicine. Saudi ladys are very beautiful and she had never heard the old joke.

"Remember to subtract 30 from the pulse count from an old guy like me.
This will give you an accurate reading.
After all, one would have to compensate for the excitement and elivated heartbeat he would fee on seeing you."

When we arrived I looked down at the meter "See what effect you had on me?
I forgot to turn on the meter"
But she still paid me.

A lady from Holland was in the car she was here for a big meeting celebrating architecture in Europe.

Like many people on the outside she believed that things are on the way up in Ireland.

This is not true at all.
This present situation was caused by corrupt property developers,crooked bankers who allowed clients to over extend themselves, corrupt politicians who took bribes and refused to see what was going to happen.
We are struggling under a debt  which was caused by fraud, it is not a just or an honest situation.
When you raise taxes people have less to spend, workers will quote for cash work so as to avoid paying any tax, so it will get worse.

One of our Golden Boys Sean Dunne was a star of the Celtic tiger years.

Poor old Sean Dunne is signing for bankruptcy in the USA
He owes a $billion.
€185 million in unpaid development loans.
He claims his monthly expenses are €16,600 (which includes €457 monthly allowance for clothes)
His wardrobe is reckoned to be worth €9000
He lists that he works as a project manager for his wife and is paaid €17,000 a month plus €17,000 for various property rentals.
He has a watch and cufflinks valued at €5,700
He has a ten year season ticket for the Aviva stadium.
He also pays for premium tickets at Ticikenham €4,900 and the Millenium stadium.

But he is a good boy he pays his mums Sky TV bill,€690

Even after going through everything he will still hold on to his €1 million pension from his bankrupt company
He has €762 worth of ski and golf clubs.
In his former home he has €7,600 worth of furniture waiting. 

Whare did it all go wrong ?

Or did it happen like this?

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