Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kite surfung contest

 Coming this weekend. Get the 130 bus from Abbey St Lets hope its windy.
   Mary St. Capel St Where the real shops of interest are found.I hate shopping malls
   Sailors from Norway cross Capel St. Bridge
   Where are they from? Romania and Armenia (She speaks Russian).
Both girls speak 4 oor 5 different languages.
Please Google, do a "tribes of the world" so that we can compare the tribes all over earth.
In 10 years we will be completely mixed.

So I got a quick haircut.
She did well and was surprised when I told her that the time before (in a different salon) the lady cut off my eyebrows completely.She was clipping away with her back to the mirror so I couldn't see what she was doing, when she stood back I couldn't even raise my eyebrows in amazement.
They were gone..
 She was even more surprised that I didn't complain.
"what could she do? Put them back on?"

Once I read a book about New York where the writer said that it was just a collection of small villages, this village area has a lot going for it.
Rents in Dublin have been linked to a "Upward only rent review" clause So on renewal of your lease the only way was UP! A few high profile court cases sagainst this law have been successful in the courts.
So now if your turnover is down because of the new shopping mall or because of the recession you can with a bit of luck review for a lower rent.
Sometimes negotiations are not enough however.
Brownes restaurant in Sandymount were coming near to the renewal of their lease.
The landlord stuck to his guns, he wanted xxx in rent.
But there was another place across the green which his present sitting tenant developed,
2 places with the same name !.
When the lease is up in the first place the tenant will be gone, So the landlord will have an empty shop.

And empty shops we have in plenty

You have to move with the flow.

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