Wednesday, September 04, 2013

HailO everywhere

 A group of kittens.called a Kindle or a litter !
    Cruise ships discharging their cargo of passengers

When I was in London I did a HailO.
3 minutes it said and I saw my taxi approach on the App.
So I hopped in when a HailO taxi pulled in...Right on time as it happened.
We were 5 or 6 minutes into our journey when my phone rang.
"Were is Ya"
"Sorry mate I must have jumped into the wrong cab"
While the driver was talking I could hear his passenger telling the driver where she wanted to get out.
So anyhow I cancelled the other taxi.
Then I got another e mail from HailO that I had been charged £5 for cancelling the taxi.
I had to wait for around an hour where I was going so I penned a reply to HailO
First that I was sorry that I had taken the wrong taxi which had not arrived on time, that the taxi that was supposed to pick me up was only looking for me 9 minutes after the call was placed. Plus even at that the had a passenger on board when he called me up to find out where I was..

HailO can trace the paths of taxis as they go around on the system, next thing you know
I had £5 credited back into my account.
My HailO driver whose taxi I had jumped into was very good, the address I had was wrong, but he figured out my destination and told me what to ask for the next time...
He also told me that scores of drivers are knocked off the HailO system every week, one thing about this HailO company is that they listen to their customers.

When I finally nailed down my problem in London I headed for home,flying last minute is not an option it is too expensive.   So I found my way to Euston station and bought a train and boat ticket £43 I think.
I was late for the high speed ferry so it would be the overnight boat from Holyhead.
So there I was sitting down to wait for a few hours when the Tannoy announced "The train on platform 6 is going to Holyhead and Manchester" A guy a few seats away said to his wife "Lets go" He said that the ticket would be good on this train too.
And so It came to pass.
This train went like a bat out of well well over 100 MPH, the curves were banked as she thrashed along.
The tracks are continuous now none of that "Clicketty clack" from the old days
The train we were supposed to be on was to arrive around 23.30 and here were resting in Holyhead at 21.30 with a few restaurants and the pubs open.
So we had time to eat and rest.
If you are in Holyhead with time to kill just cross over that very fancy bridge into the town, turn left and 3 doors down on the left there is an Indian restaurant which had just opened a few days earlier.
Good food, at a good price too.

So I slept through the night on the ship and a few hours in my bed then off to work again.

If you have a Prius car, here is a tip for you. Get a trickle charger(old type) a long lead and a timer.
Put the charger to charge the battery for 3 hours every day while you are away.The battery is so small that it goes flat after a while...Look for the "Jump" spot in the fuse box to get her going again it it does go flat.

I worked for 1/2 the day and got 5 HailO jobs, plus 3 on the street.
Things are back to normal.

Its just a pity that I am out of step at the moment.

A really happy group in the taxi last week, one guy in Green glasses told me that he will be using taxis a lot more for a while. He was caught speeding.

150 on the M1 motorway.

Still thats not too bad, the limit is 120.

But that's Kph, I was doing Mph

All I could say was

Ah yes big fella I see your point.

150 MPH converts to 241 Kph  which is quit a bit over.

It reminds me of Pablo Montoya who was caught speeding on the freeway outside Frejus in the South Of France.

You were driving at over 250 Kph to which he replied I am capable of driving at over 400 Kph.

His wife got out of the car and stood between him and the policeman and said.

"Its like living with a big child, If you will allow me to drive him home you can deal with him later"

He was later well fined and the only place he can drive now is on the race track.

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