Monday, September 09, 2013

Time to be insolvent.

What a weekend!
I met loads of passengers who had come from Canada, Cyprus,America,England and Australia who had come over for the all Ireland hurling final..A great match and it was a draw, so there will be a replay.

A few years ago I picked up an Italian man with his son.His local client treated him to 2 seats at the all Ireland Hurling final...He was ecstatic nearly peeing in his pants with excitement,
"Such speed, What skill"
His son was jumping up and down like a Jack in the box..
I am sure he will do business with that Irishman for many years to come.

It has been 2 years since Priory Hall has been evacuated.
A housing development up in Donaghmede which has many many faults.
So the people were moved out. 24 hour security was put in place and the owners have had to live in rented accommodation.
As I say they are 2 years living in limbo.
The stress on the people is immense. After all you cannot get a loan unless you can produce a list of certificates, remember if anything is wrong your insurance should cover problems like this.
A lady lost her husband to suicide a few weeks ago and the banks started putting pressure on his widow.
Thank God she went to the media and the bank now states that the debt will be written off.

2/3 of the loans taken out between 2005 to 2012 are in negative equity.
That means that the house is worth less than the price paid for the house./
In Dublin 70% of the house loans taken out in that period are in negative equity.

Once more listen to this man

And remember the people who caused all this are living all over the world on massive pensions.

Apart from this you many have thought that being a taxi driver might be for you.

This can happen, believe me.

Don't watch it if you are of a nervous  type.

Taxi (2013) Director Kevin Sharkey Producer Colm Sexton from Kevin Sharkey on Vimeo.

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