Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy birthday Corinne

 The "pop-up park in Domnick St.

This church in Booterstown was supposed to be built in Alexandria but the plans got mixed up

It was a funny kind of a day really. I was in traffic in O'Connell Street whe a French couple hopped in.
They were going to Howth and the conversation flowed like Champaigne.
Her perfume filled the car and then she told me that tomorrow she would turn 50 and that she had come to Dublin to celebrate with her son.
She must eat very well and have great  genes because I thought they were husband and wife.
She didn't even look 30, really, no bullshit.
Sometimes you learn nothing about people, at other times they bring you right into their lives, which is really wonderful.
She told me that she had a really good job and she was made redundant a few years ago and then she found that she was too old for any other employer.
The strain on her emotions affected her heart badly.
But now she has reinvented herself and is self employed.

They were going to Howth so I turned off the meter at the summit car park and showed them the beautiful vista of Dublin,the weather is fantastic in Dublin today.

I think I cheered her up a bit and I got a wonderful warm hug and kisses on both cheeks.
God that beautiful  perfume was from heaven.
So Corinne this is for you

Think positively you are truly wonderful and only 20 inside
Happy birthday XX
So from today you have to banish negative thoughts from your life and start to believe again, ditch negative friends and learn to live your new life to the fullest.
There are many people who are experts in this field try Robin Sharma the man who wrote the book "The monk who sold his Ferrari"It is published in French I checked.

Today I also met a Phillopena couple who were on their way to photograph a friends baby.
What do you know? She is a blogger as well.
Click here to see.

My poor old dog died, we have had her for more than 12 years.
So I am remembering the good times we all had together.
When you get married and have kids it is very important to buy yourself a small dog (2 mile dog twice a day). The reason to have a dog is that when you come after a long day you have someone to welcome you back. If she is up in Heaven as a young puppy again God will have to watch his slippers, she loved to rip slippers up.
So I get a holiday from picking up the crap in the garden and trying to clean up the dog hair all over the house..But we all have fond memories of her.

A New york lady had a small poodle and one day when she went to take him out she found him dead.
You can't dig a hole and bury your dog when you live in an apartment so she looked up "Pet crematoriums in the Golden Pages. 
But they didn't collect so she had to deliver.
She couldn't put poor Fluffy into a carrier bag, so she found one of those small overnight bags which are just right for Ryanair flights,
Shev wrapped up Fluffy in a white pillow case and closed the bag.
A bus to the station, then a train followed by a short ride in a taxi were on the cards.
As she got off the train a guy came up "Can I help you off the train? Hand me your bag"
With that he stole the bag and ran off..
So she had a cup of tea at the station and went home..

I wonder where fluffy is now?

 Dis you ever meet a taxi driver like this?

By the way Google didn't open their doors  the other night, they did however allow some people in on the night of the big opening.of the new building.

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