Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Inspire you

Every year I contact the Dublin business site and have around 1,000 maps delivered to my house.
I drop a few hundred out to the taxi holding area, a few boxes to some of my mates.
The rest go to my customers.
I used to give them to other drivers, they often refused to take them.
Why would you not want to go that extra mile to help your customers?
So say you arrive in New York and your driver gives you a map of Manhattan. What would you think?
"Wow that's great! Tomorrow I can start my day knowing where I am"
Many Dublin taxi drivers did not want to offer that extra something that may have give them an extra €2 tip.
Sometimes people say"Can we ring you later on? and we would like you to bring us back to the airport on Sunday night.?"

But other drivers do not see past their front bumper.

So I went my own way, I try to think positive thoughts.

Most of all I let my negativity towards them go.

Now for a word from the little man.

If he can be positive ...whats wrong with you? 

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