Friday, September 04, 2015

An awful death fleeing from war.

Well here we are in 2015, thousands of people trying to flee from war to sanctuary.
The poor man who lost his wife and 2 beautiful children has shamed the world when they died trying to cross over to Greece in a rubber dinghy.

They had tried for visas to Canada where they had family but were refused.
If there is a God I hope he will soften hard hearts.

Bob Geldoff has offered to put up 4 family's in his properties.
He is on tour at present.
But fair play to him for the offer.

We become detached when we look at things through television,
"not really happening, nothing to do with me"
Yet in fact we could start to care.

Looking at things going on in Iran where a woman who is raped is told to marry the rapist.

In India a man ran away with his neighbors wife recently.
The punishment was that his 2 younger sisters will be raped in public.

I kid you not.

So some things we cannot change, from tomorrow start in your own corner.

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