Monday, September 21, 2015

Taxi drivers day out

 Well that was the big day out.
I went to the appointed spot to pick up my children only to be told that I was not needed.
So I went back to Parnell Sq for the start of the parade and drove down O'Connell St and then I went home.
I do hope that some kids were not left stuck with no taxi to bring them to the party.

Dublin beat Kerry in the all Ireland GAA football final and tonight Dublin celebrates with a big screen in O'Connell st and bands playing music in the streets.
I had a guy in the taxi. He had come from New York for the match he had €2,000 to buy 4 tickets.
The poor bloke he was a Kerry supporter.

Life goes on and the earth spins around the sun and next thing you know its Tuesday.

I met a wonderful lady going to the Rotunda (Our maternity hospital) She was from Oman and was an engineer.
I told her about a row I had with a Saudi man from the embassy one day.
He was a total asshole so I pulled the emergency stop cord and told him to get out.
In the argument that followed he told me that he would not get out and that it was no use calling the police as he had "diplomatic immunity".
One mistake I did make was that I didn't take him back and knock on the embassy door.
But we reached a compromise in the end and I brought him on his trip, then he apologized to me.
At journeys end he told me that I was an incredible man. "No one has ever stood up to me as you have done, I was wrong and you are a very strong person. Give me your phone number"
No way was he getting that.
I had another young guy going to the Saudi embassy a few months later and I told him about the asshole.
He turned out to be a very high up official in the embassy, he wanted me to come in and identify the guilty party.
I refused but he said he would take his staff to task and speak to them.

"After all we are visitors in your country"

So the lady from Oman said.

"In our country we have a saying.


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