Sunday, September 13, 2015

Suicide awarness week

Drivers next Tuesday is the big taxi drivers day out for special kids
Be there

last week was world suicide awareness week, a big thing in Ireland unfortunately.
Many lives are being saved by simple advertising slogans such as
"Its OK not to be OK
Its good to talk etc"

Many taxi drivers have done different things.
Tony Roe has done a lot to divert energy and cash to the Samaritans etc and he could tell you a thing or two about hard times among us lot.

Remember the taxi driver who pulled up to drop off his passenger near Corduff.
An assassin had his passenger on his hit list and he pumped 7 shots into him through the door.
The driver was not hit, and the guy was dead.
But he was traumatized by the affair and he couldn't work again and he nearly lost his home as the bank didn't care and wanted to be paid for the car..
Well Tony got him a few grand,,

He has another fundraiser coming up soon.

 Foil arms and hog

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