Monday, September 07, 2015

The trees are turning.

  This is one of the biggest cruise liners in the world, it had to back into the port as it didn't have enough room to turn around.
                                                    An architects dream?
                                         Wow!What a rest room ! So different from the Kesh.
                                          Johnny Cupcake in the Liffey Valley shopping center.
                                                  Herbie!  Is that you?
 I have been neglecting the blog for a while, that income tax took a lot out of me. 
I do many other things apart from driving a taxi and it all has to be accounted for.

Did you hear the one about the taxi driver who became a stand up comedian? 
One of his pals told him to declare his new found income to the tax man.
So he rang them.
"So you are working as a comedian and you are getting paid?
Make a list of all the gigs you did and how much you got.
Then make a list of your expenses, mileage, food, and hotels etc.
Add it up and subtract your expenses from your earnings and
Send us a cheque for that exact amount"

The really funny thing is that some people think it could be a joke..

No I don't resent it a bit. We have to pay for the really efficient Garda, like the one who told me that it was OK that a guy stepped out of the taxi owing €20, "Whats all the fuss about?"
I bet he wouldn't say that to a big store owner.
Or the other genius who let a Romanian gypsy walk right past him as I called to him.
"Stop her, she hasn't paid"
As she walked past him he said.
"Did you make a report?"

This year I am going to photograph Garda's ID numbers and record conversations, and make written complaints just in case something might be done.

I had a guy to the airport the other day.
He had taken the wrong suitcase from the carousel and was now going back to find his case.
With so many cases coming out why he didn't put a few ribbons on the handle is beyond me.
He assured me that he travels all the time and that this was a first time for him.

Dublin progressed to the GAA football final and Kilkenny won the Liam McCarthy cup for hurling.

A game of great skill..Take a look.

We had visitors and a huge tidy up and now I can find nothing.

Say a prayer for Euron my Chinese friend he is very ill with cancer. 
He is around 35 and with Judy his wife they have 2 great young kids.
Brain tumors suck, perhaps a few words with a few Gods will help.

Makes you happy that you have only small problems.

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