Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Be careful for what you wish

I wish to win the lotto and unlike most people from Cavan I actually buy a ticket sometimes.

A man got into the taxi years ago going to the Charlemont clinic.
God but I remember details of the trip to this day.
It was like he tatooed his story into my brain.

Be careful what you wish he said.
I had 4 daughters and we all wanted a son, then my wife got pregnant and praise God we had our son.
Everyone danced for joy, a beautiful baby boy.
The girls could not have loved him more, he was hugged and kissed like no one else.
He grew up, playing football at 10,11,12 his sisters were on the sidelines cheering him on.

Then at around 13/14  he changed, he didn't want to play football and he went missing for hours at a time. We all made a big effort to connect but he evaded us.

I didn't work for the Garda but I was connected to them and the lads on the force kept an eye out for him. Arrested for intoxication, held overnight returned home.

He had become a heroin addict at 17 !

I am a wise person I can deal with this I said.

You have no idea how to deal with a heroin addict.

The advice I was given was to throw him out and he would come to his senses, the girls would let him in and feed him. Inside they were bleeding in greif, we all were.

Then one day my wife was coming back home on the bus and she saw him walking along the footpath, he looked like a zombie. 
She jumped off the bus and left her handbag behind on the bus with keys, money ,credit cards.

Soon after that she died.
It really was from a broken heart.

One day a Garda arrived at the door with bad news, but to me it was wonderful news Micheal was dead.
Thank God, he has no more fear or pain.

We gave him a wonderful fairwell.

Now John I have cancer and not much time to suffer.
We have a family plot.
My son lies beside his mother and he will lie between us both forever.

We both said God bless.

My prayers are with him

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