Saturday, April 06, 2019

Phones phones Phones

Cherry blossom A 9 day wonder

The tram was knocked off the track, both vehicles have cameras.

Way back in 1973 the first call was made from a mobile fone.
The joke was that it took another 2 years before the second mobile fone was built.
Now they are such a part of our lives.
The taxi apps have given taxi drivers freedom from the base man. The base man in the taxi dispatch center used to use his power to send his chosen friends the best jobs and make fools of the rest.

My present fone is over 10 years old and it is causing me problems.
I went to the phone shop and bought a Hiwaii one and she transferred all my apps over.
I would have to re load them and my MyTaxi app did not kick in.
So I put it away meaning to tackle it when I am not tired.
Guess what ? I don't know where I put it.
I have been looking for it for 3 weeks now.

Vic I feel your pain.

 I reckon that I am not taking enough rest time. 
Yesterday I had an American family going to the Hilton airport hotel ?
For some reason not known by me I had to ask Mr.Google !
I felt a bit embarrassed as I knew where it was, but I could not pull it up on my own radar.
When something like this happens I stop the meter and often charge them less than was on the meter when I stopped it. 
This is what diecent people do.
The guy was very generous, he gave me a tip and accepted my apology.   

Last week I mentioned 2 taxi drivers who deserved to be punished severly.
Today 2 heroes 
The first guy picked up a couple outside a bar when he notices a man pulling a girl down a laneway at the side of the pub.
When they closed the door the taxi driver said "Sorry about this, something wrong here "
He jumped out of the taxi and ran over to the guy and punched him so hard that he landed on the ground.
"Leave my wife alone ! If I see you again I will kill you"
He put her into the car with the couple and quizzed her.
Rohipnol was the old date rape drug and he had spiked her drink.
After he had dropped off the couple he brought her home.

A French lady in a taxi and she was saying "No I want to go home"
The guy was insisting so when thay reached the mans address the driver got out baton in hand and in no uncertain terms that the lady was staying with him.
She was not drunk but she was badky shaken 

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