Saturday, April 20, 2019

Stranger than fiction

A young man talks to his sister

His statue beside the convention center. A long journey between the 2 photos

Happy Easter to one and all.
Still knocking around with no direction in life and no goal in sight.
Once upon a time I met a man who stressed that you should set out a plan foe your life and set goals, when you acheveyour goals you give yourself a reward.
Stress is a killer.
Make a list of things to do, then do the hardest things first.

So anyhow, something very strange happened, though not to me.
A taxi is waiting at the lights and he moves off on green.
A limosene hits him on the back wing of his taxi.
The limo driver said that the taxi broke the lights.
The limo driver was a retired Garda supernatant the taxi driver later finds out.
So anyhow the taxi driver tells the limo driver that his car is fitted with a special camera to monitor his driving and that the footage is stored by  a company in Wexford.
The limo driver takes great intrest in this.

When the taxi driver reports the accident it was discovered that there was a glitch of 1/2 hour which covered the period when the crash happened, nothing was recorded.
So for yourself at the time of a crash you should try and get contacts of people standing around.

Remember that if you have a dashcam to disconnect the power before taking out the chip as it might wipe the chip if you don't.

Another one that happens, the other person says" This was my fault get a quote, thare is no need to get the police involved."
Then 2 weeks later they say "Look you didn.t report it to the police I am not going to pay"
At the time it happned to me I just said. "No I did make a report in less than an hour after you hit me"
He paid straight away.
Take photos as well with your phone.

About Luke Kelly
Phil Coulter wrote this song to make people think about how they see handicapped children.
He chose Luke Kelly to sing it and he did a fantastic job,

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