Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Useless peoples success stories

The natural history meusium or "The dead zoo"

The cartoon factory is where that yellow thing is.

Welcome back folks.
This Easter we had the most fantastic weather, fantastic for the young and the old.

So did I come across anything of intrest?

Indeed I did. in 1994 two guys were kicked out of Ballyfermot college of art for being useless.
Now into the second year of a three year course things didn't look great.
Cathal Gaffney and Darragh O'Connell they had an idea, putting things down on loose sheets of paper they looked to regester their company. Someone had pity on them and gave them a brown bag to keep their papers together.
They hadn't,t thought of a name..."Eurika !"
Brown bag film studio was born.
This year they are 25 years old and they had a big party in the mansion house for all the friends and staff. Their office is on Smithfield square opposite the Generator hostel.
They have a couple of hundred staff and at least 5 dogs working there.
The first time I came accross them was when I went into a local shop and was surrounded by hippies.
I asked one of them if I had stepped into a time warp ?
"No man we are all cartoonists"

I love stories of people being told that they are useless and then they go on to greatness.
Tim Martin was a very tall schoolboy, but they kept him on for the rugby.
One day a teacher tore strips off him and told him that he was the most useless boy in the school.
He remembered it and to rub the teachers nose in it he called every pub he opned after that teacher.
It says in Wickopedia that he employs over 38,000 people.
I guess Mr.Weatherspoon got that one wrong  

So I am not a religous person Tahank God, but once in a while you have to call up some of his army

So I bought a new fone and when I turned it on a lot of things would not work.
With St.Patricks day coming up I put the fone away carefully. After St.Patricks day I will get it going. So now the fone is missing,
3 weeks or more looking for it.
The patron saint of lost property is St.Anthony.
I promised him €5 nothing €10 still nothing €15 Now he has reached the limit. I will report him to his boss if things keep going on like this.

Do you know any more saints ?  St Valintine. His heart is in a shrine in Auinger St. church

Taxi drivers !
Saint Fiacre
In 1640, Nicholas Sauvage, who hired out hackney coaches, lived at the Hotel St. Fiacre in the Rue St Martin, in Paris. (Now 223 rue St Martin in the Marais, according to this post.) As well as being the patron saint of gardeners, Saint Fiacre is now the saint of taxi drivers. 

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