Monday, May 16, 2022

Vintage Checker Cab Driver Interview

Hi folks. We are heading 1/2 way through and the tourists are back in town.
All systems are go.(I hope)
So I was too slow to stop a tourist being scammed yesterday. She came out of a hotel and asked to be brought to St.Vincests hospital, but she had not gone to the first car. The driver was reading the paper and as I tapped on his window to get out of his car as she had a suitcase, before he reacted the receptionist came out and said "Madame I have ordered you a taxi, it will arrive in a minute" and she brought her back in. 
This was at the Hilton garden hotel. The scam is either she receives  a backhander from a taxi company or it will be from an individual driver. Either way the customer gets overcharged. 
Perhaps the Hilton Hotel doesn't care?.Who knows.
It has been widely circulated that the manager of the King Sitric restaurant in Howth is encouraging patrons to take a ride to the airport in his special SUV for €60. But the proper cost in a taxi is more like €30. But the taxi carries public liability insurance. The other car is not insured to carry passengers for hire. But the police and the powers that be are refusing to act.
I love stories in which the people in charge have been warned many times of an impending disaster,
"WE knew nothing about any danger warnings" 
Then they are handed all the evidence. No hiding place now.

A phone was dropped under the front seat of the taxi and the owner made contact. Perhaps a 4 mile drive to bring it back. He took it back and said thanks.
Not 10c for my time.
C'est La vie

Are there angels that move among us?
An American girl got into the taxi going to Rathfarnham.
She was a special needs teacher working with severely autistic children, non verbal etc.
She was from New York and her children had just gone through confirmation and she was so happy for them. 
As well as New York she had lived in Hawaii where she adopted a stray dog.
How to bring the dog to Ireland ? It took time ,shots and money. 
Nearly $2000 to be exact.
I very much got the impression that she has no rich daddy behind her, so it was all her own doe.
She had been sitting in the assassins seat directly behind me and when we arrived she was paying by card so I stood out to stretch my back and then I saw her.
Such beautiful pale blue eyes and such a caring wonderful person.
I really believe that she is an angel sent to help us all.
I should have brought her home to meet my son.

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