Saturday, March 22, 2008

Down time

Statue at the Irish Life mall

A nice old Hillman

Lights camera action!

I hope my rest is coming to an end soon, I could rent a taxi but I need a few weeks off too.
A job would give me paid holidays and sick leave imagine that.
Well I have to take out the old pen and write a"chickens neck"(slang for check)to buy a brand new licence plate e6390.
Pity I could not get someone giving up their plate as there must be loads of people giving up the "trade".
When I rang the union they said that a widow might have a plate to sell if the taxi regulator could make a decision on the matter.
The licences which are not active will just lapse and not be renewable.

I think guys are holding on to them in case they become valuable again,some hope.

Come to think of it its a long time since we had a price increase.
Clearing out my desk I found that it cost me e70 to have my meter changed plus another e90 to have it verified by the "Weights and measures" guys, plus a day wasted.

I had my knuckles slapped the other day.
At the local supermarket as I was getting out of my car I noticed the Lexus SUV beside me had a deep cut in the side wall of the tyre.
I popped into the newsagents and got a piece of paper and put a note on the windshield.Coming back out of the newsagents I noticed she was reversing out so I went over to ask if she had seen the note.
Why would you be put a note on my windshield?.
You have a cut on your front tyre.
Someone has slashed my tyres!
No by the look of it you hit the curb reversing,just thought you should know.
She scowled at me and without a thank you or kiss my arse she drove off.

Well perhaps she will get her reward another time.
Those SUVs have quite high tyres and a blowout when cornering could give you a nice roll over and I don't mean like the Lotto roll over.

Another landmark this weekend our national broadcaster is stopping its transmissions on the medium wave.
I don't really know if all the stations which are now on that waveband will be lost.
My old car radio used to pick up radio Merseyside, Welsh radio and Manx radio(Isle of Man) it would be a pity if the whole waveband went.
While I was walking the dog there was a house clearence going on. An old bakalite valve radio on the skip. Medium wave and 2 short wave bands, one marked trawler band.
Here are a few names on the dial.
Luxembourg 11, Lille,Strasbourg 11,Hilversum 11,
Athlone,Istambul and Munich.
Remember in the 60s listening to radio Luxembourg and that old guy who would tell you how to win Littlewoods pools?
Farewell old friend.

In case you missed this in the Sunday Times last week.
Toyota Prius V BMW.
BMW won.
So I should be back on the road in a few weeks.
Happy Easter.

Here is something for the Italian readers seems like smoking was not his only bad habit.

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  1. Had a Hillman Minx back when it was only a coupla years old in the early '60s. Tough little beastie and so crazy to shift it was virtually theft-proof.