Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taxi going

My good old taxi

Called the wall of fame in Temple Bar.

Fire in the port tunnel.
Action plan swings into force traffic almost stopped for hours and hours.
Had a run into town with a very nice French girl who is living in Barcelona.
Reminded her of home someone always on strike and stopping the traffic.

Well big news today.

I sold my taxi !.

Licence meter and car.

So from Friday I will be a civilian.

But not for long.

I have this beautiful Prius and the computer is all in Japanese I am going to meet a guy who spent 7 years in Japan and we are going to look through the manuals and convert her.

The Prius has voice activated Sat Nav. I turned it on and a Japanese voice said

"Where to boss?"

"Ronanstown in Tallagh please"

"No no boss you no wan go dere, I take you to Ranelagh instead"


Lots of things to get sorted.

How do you complain?

When I was in Blackpool I asked some taxi drivers if there was a good Indian restaurant close by.
"Yes indeed mate the Akash on Topping St".
When I took the menu and saw some of the pages were stuck together with food.

I should have left there and then.

I said it to the waiter but he said that "We are very busy".
3 tables occupied.
Gordon Ramsey would have had a great rant.
While I was waiting some other people asked for a damp cloth so they could clean the sticky stuff from their hands.
The outside of their menu was dirty too.

I was not the only moron there that day.

A lot of time passed and the waiters changed.

The new guy when he was walking past twice put his hand on my shoulder and said
"It'l be ready in a minute, mate"
Strike 2 I should have said
"If you put your hand on my back again I will deck you, mate."

Next When it came eventually it was stone cold,the rice was as cold as from a fridge and the meat dish was not even lukewarm.
I called him over and asked if this was a joke?
The plate was stone cold and there he was going round with cloths on his hands.

Any normal person would have left.....Not muggins.

I let him heat it up to lukewarm and ate it without a murmer..

Guess what .

I did get food poisoning but not too bad.
It was only at one end.

I don't have to guess why they call it the runs.

All the clues were there to warn me.

Just goes to show I can never learn

Remember the rubiks cube? here is a super one being solved.
So many people tell me they have never seen Curb Your Enthusiasm that I had to provide a link.


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Good luck with the new car.
    Please update the link!

  2. or you could sell it back to the japanese navy, looks like they need it: http://uk.reuters.com/news/video?videoId=76431