Friday, March 07, 2008

Welsh visitors

Here are the footprints of King George the 1V, carved in stone on Howth pier.

The Howth harbor lighthouse a welcome sight in a storm
Howth village and Howth head are well worth a visit if it is a sunny day.

Girl gets into the taxi on the Howth Road.
Chancery Place please I am going to the motor taxation office.
Well no its on Queen St now.

So Queen St it is so.

Then her story unfolded, it is one that explains how if one thing is overlooked it can snowball out of control very quickly.

She bought a car and she arranged insurance and paid the first part of the premium.
The insurance company asked her to apply for her driving test and send her provisional licence to them along with the letter from the driver testing center saying she had applied for the driving test.
All well and good until she could not find her licence.
She looked high and low so in the end she rang the insurance company saying that she was applying for a duplicate licence.

All well and good.

She sent in the forms and photos to the motor tax office with the fee.
Sorry you seem to be squinting at the camera, send us another photo.
Sorry you have a shadow under you chin in this one, try again.
The one after that failed too.
So she put it on the long finger.

Then she was stopped by a Garda and asked to produce her insurance cert and driving licence etc.. She explained what the problem was to the Garda.
But when she rang then the insurance company refused to give her a letter proving she was insured but they said NO as she had not sent them her licence etc.
But they took the money quick enough in the first place.

She has sold the car,not worth the bother and now she had to make a court appearance the next day.
"I asked a solicitor to plead my case and he told me it would cost e 1,000 to represent me.So I will keep my money to pay whatever fine they give me."

Yes you can find yourself in trouble if you don't look after the little things.

Later on I got a fare out to Clare Hall and hopped out to the airport.
Got into the Kesh (shot for Long Kesh another detention center)
In for a cup of tea and then the Tannoy shouts out "All cars to the rank, no delays"

The cars start to move and what do you know.
There are 2 airport Garda waving us through and no traffic lights,
This is a first for me.
It often takes 15 mins to reach the rank from the Kesh.

Happy days and well done DAA for using your brains.

Later on I got a fare to the port, bit of banter going down there,its not the easiest of places to get into now as a few signs are wrong and another few are missing.
Must show you a few of the worst examples.
This is as a result of Irish planning.

The high speed ferry comes in and shoots out again in 25 mins so time for another cup of tea and while I was waiting other passengers were arriving.
A girl in a small white van comes in and brings her dog over to the grass to attend to nature a small Springer Spaniel blueish in color, this might be the biggest earner in Ireland,sniffer dogs at the airport have found tonnes of drugs.
So he goes into the terminal building he starts wagging his tail like mad.
Goes up to this one and that one. sniff sniff.
Then BINGO he jumps on to a bag and dances the TANGO on a bag.

Poor young lad called over hands shaking, shows the customs officer a pea sized piece of hash. the now 3 customs officers surround him tell him how we is a very naughty boy while the dog goes off into arrivals out of sight.

After 5 mins the dog comes trotting out like a Hackney Horse holding his reward in his mouth.
This dog may be the one who has found millions of euro worth of drugs recently.

The Welsh stream out and off I go to Fairview e14.
The lads were in great form and as I write they have won 16/12.

Should be busy tonight.

Well what do you think of this?Did you ever think it would end like that.
If it goes blank click on the white bit where it should be and it will come up.
Its well worth seeing.

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