Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18

One month old today and a big hit with the girls.
The new Irish

Ready to take his place in the big parade.

Well I worked all through from 7.30 am until 10.pm stopping only for a cup of coffee.
The parade was a big hit with everyone who saw it.
Most people watched it on TV,though I did hear a figure of 180.000 lined the route, in freezing weather.
Lots of interesting people to meet and with the bank holiday rate all through I was glad to work.
Conversation stopper of the night was a girl who just said that her husband had just walked out on her one day!
What can you say?
People are so different, even from hour to hour they change.
It is a very hurtful thing to put your trust in someone and then to have your bank account emptied and they walk off.
Thank God for the law, perhaps a settlement would ease the pain.
Think of Heather Mills. (take your name back Paul)
Paul found it easy to fall in love because he had spent many good years with Linda.

There are always sharks swimming in the sea and Jackals on dry land, so be careful out there.

I found a diamond in the back of the taxi,thought it was glass almost sure it is real. I will bring it in somewhere to have it checked, here's hoping.

I was working so hard it was not funny, Garda out in force stopping guys for drink driving.
While in Finglas youths were stealing cars and crashing them and setting them on fire.
Then when they had run out of robbed cars they started hijacking cars.
The Garda did little or nothing to stop them.
I would not be telling a lie by saying that there was 200 Garda doing breathalisers.

It is easier to prosecute an honest person than stop a criminal.

Story going round of a man in Australia who rang the police to report a guy breaking into his shed,"your shed, not your house" came the reply from the police.
"I suggest you just pull the curtains and go to bed we have no car available"

So the old guy waits 3 minutes and rings them back.
I delt with that intruder myself.
I shot him three times, hes dead.

This got an instant response.
Swat team heliicopters and police cars everywhere.
"the old geezer just said. "thought you didn't have the manpower"

They did catch the guy in the shed though.
They are both due in court.

Next time I will tell you of a guy 80+ who drove us from Edgware to Stanstead
he was a diamond kind of person.

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