Saturday, March 15, 2008

St.Patrick's day

Well Happy St.Patrick's day to you all.
Its a great video, so well cut.
Here's another one with a bit of a Jig.

One place to celebrate St.Patrick's day used to be Montserrat in the west Indies,they have a harp on their flag and a lot of the people have Irish names.
No hail showers there! But they did have a problem in 1995.
The volcano blew up and two thirds of the people had to leave.
Strong links to Ireland and slavery an interesting place.
Irish were exported as slaves as well as black people.

By the way St.Patrick was a slave captured from Wales by the Irish.

Look I have managed to get the loan of a car for the big day so once again I will be reporting from the front line.

Will I WON'T I.
The purchase of maritime insurance used to be up to the customer buying from Japan until events changed our policy. Insurance is now mandatory and included in all FOB and CIF prices. The events that led to this change were:

* November 2002, the Hual Europe, a car carrier loaded with more than 5,000 vehicles worth over US$80 million, ran aground in Tokyo Bay and then caught fire on November 26, 2002 resulting in a total loss of all cargo.

* Not long after, in December 14 of the same year, the Tricolor, a Norwegian car carrier sank in the English Channel after colliding with a container ship. Its cargo of BMWs, Saabs, and Volvos is estimated at around £70 million.

* Two years later, on May 23, 2004, the car carrier MV Hyundai No 105 sank outside Singapore after colliding with an oil tanker. The MV Hyundai No 105 was carrying 4,190 South Korean and Japanese cars worth over $81 million.

We believe it is in our customers' best interest to insure all vehicles leaving Japan.

Well this might surprise you.



I always think it is so stupid to stand out in the rain or the road or outside the court house on the road to report a news story. This is why - Watch more free videos

This guy is so opinionated that he must be a taxi driver.

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