Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ireland defeated

Stars of Blackpool.

Sections of a giant propeller wait at the docks like giant butterflies.

Well the Welsh have been and gone and they were very well behaved.
One little thing happened which shows you how annoying things can be when people take drink..
I was off to the airport just before chucking out time and stopped for petrol.

Decided on Burger King as I was a bit peckesh.

4 Welsh supporters walked through the drive through behind me.
After they had placed their order they asked me if I could drive them back down the hill to their hotel? Ok so, hop in while you are waiting as it was cold.
A bit of banter and a good bit of time later and I drove them down to the hotel.

I had told them that I wouldn't start the meter.

Just give me e5.

"Fuck it mate thats a bit steep.

Don't pay him. shouted another.

Take his fucking drink said another."

Thing is that from the moment of hire it costs e4.10 at night plus e3 for the other 3 passengers thats e7.10 and with the time and distance they might have been looking at e10.
2 other people were getting in as they were getting out.
So off into town where one after another they were in and out.

At around 11.15 I picked up a young guy "I am going to the local GAA club to pick up someone then on further. I need to get some credit first".
So I headed to the late night Spar in Sandymount, it was shut then on the coast road to the petrol station, they told him they had "Closed the terminal"which is a bit stupid.

Look mate I will zero the meter and we will go back to Irishtown where I started the meter again and drove up to the Spar on London bridge road.
Hurray he got the credit.
Then he rang his sister to tell her he would be there in a minute. Then he rang to tell her he was there. Then he went inside to find her.
Why he could not have just walked straight into the bar in in the first place, without getting the credit is beyond me.

There was around e13 on the meter and he gave me e20.
Keep the change ,very few drivers would have canceled the meter like you did back there.
It is a sad fact of the times we live in that you will never pass over your phone to anyone to make a call.
I gave the phone to a drunken cow one night, feeling she would respect my trust.
But I noticed she was dialing a heck of a lot of digits. So I stopped the car and took the phone off her. When I looked at the display 00 1 212 ********** Thats New York !
So I gave her a bit of a telling off to which I received the comment.

"You're not a very nice taxi driver."

Too bloody right I'm not.

The hotels,pubs and restaurants have full bank accounts now as they gear up for St.Patrick's day
Yes it will be a great day for the Irish.

Here is an ad where you wonder up to the last minute what some of them are selling?

The ins and outs, the ups and downs its a bizzy weekend.


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    "You're not a very nice taxi driver"? It's amazing what some people think they can get away with! In her mind she probably thought she was the victim in the story.

  2. Yes Sean the older I get the less I believe in the theory of the "origion of the species"
    Countless people never think.
    Yet they breed and have children who are even more stupid and moronic than they were, then their children get into my taxi and do my head in.

    As for myself I often make the same mistake thrice. But not that often.

    Its good to get the odd comment.
    Happy St Patricks day.