Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cold start to the week

a27 year old Aston Martin in Hume St

The National gallery Merrion Sq

Our newest monument to remember Irish armed service people who died.

Tempratures have fallen and winter has come, there is a mean wind blowing
A fare at Heuston today going to the Mater public.
They were an English couple he was in a wheelchair,came to settle here 5 years ago, he then had perfect health.
Now he is on the waiting list for a lung transplant.
He was heroic about it,the government has waisted so much money that this will just never happen.Now he is just a guinea pig, they are not going to fix him for sure ,so why waste his time dragging him all the way to Dublin.
His day started at 5.15am
He was well until a couple of years ago and this came on him suddenly.
I had a hard time getting the guy at the hospital to lift the barrier and allow me to drop him at the door.(Jobs worth)I just got firm with him and said "do mean to stand there and prevent a taxi from dropping off a wheelchair patient who needs a lung transplant? Think of what the hospital manager will say."
That did the trick and he let us in.He was Irish too.
I have never ever been prevented from passing through the barrier before.
Makes you glad of your own good health for sure.

A bad weekend for traffic deaths,this will give the police an excuse to put speed cameras om wide straight stretches of road where accidents never happen to gather more revenue.
Most of the deaths happen on quiet country roads.
Even taxi drivers falling asleep cause crashes.

On Pierse St at the weekend I was driving in the r/h lane when a taxi which had signalled to turn left in the bus lane spotted a passenger who was 10 yards in front of me and he crossed 4 lanes of traffic with his left indicator still flashing. I should have plowed straight into him broadside. But he was probably not kosher anyhow, no insurance or driving licence etc.

Later on at around midnight a car passed me near Barrow St with no lights on.
I flashed my lights and blew the horn, no reaction, so I turned on my trusty Aldi torch and shone it in her rear view mirror,nothing.
When she stopped at the lights I jumped out but the lights changed. Further down Pierse St she almost creamed another car which pulled out without giving a signal. We were at the lights after the fire station when I managed to run up and tap on her window.
She just stared at me without expression.
I spoke and shouted about no lights a Nigerian lady she was in a complete daze, staring blankly at me. After 3 attempts, her front seat passenger leaned over and turned on the lights for her and then she said thanks.
I never saw anyone drive like that before, I believe she was under the influence of drugs a 00 Galway car with a 3 digit number,, look out for it.

Well after I threatening to quit the blog a nice chap from Bukino Fassa contacted me and he is sending me loads of money. The other offer I had was a million dollar grant from some Italian philanthropical society, today a banker from Japan has stepped up .

When all that come in I will be so rich!(I don't think so)

Some nurse paid $40,000 dollars into that Nigerian scam,she was wondering when her money was coming (Or was it $400,000)
I used to get the readers digest and they kept telling me I had won millions every month, I would just ask them just to send on the money!
They never did.

I don't know if you follow have a lookclick here
The VW one with the singing dog is great,you can search for it by catagory, its a corker!.
They change every few weeks so bookmark it.

Here is something completely different.

A guy called Kieran Boylan from Ardee was importing drugs and when someone noticed some drugs concealed in his yard they informed the Garda.
The Garda did nothing about it and in fact Mr Boylan threatened the informer, still no action was taken.
They turned a blind eye to his operation until he was caught with €1.7 million of cocaine and heroin.
Charges against him were then dropped and he was released without charge when he threatened to tell about the extent of his "relationship" with the force.

It seems that he would sell drug deals to small time dealers and inform the Garda who would then catch them, they would in turn allow him to distribute the larger quantaties without hindrance.

Well the Garda ombudsman has the file now.

You know I am not surprised to hear about this.


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Blog is looking much nicer, in Dublin blue as well.

    The amount of cars I see without headlight when I'm out and about amazes me. Rarely see and garda about though.

    There was a guy on tv years ago, said he was so unlucky that when he got a letter form readers digest it said he hadn't won anything.

    They're really going to have to do something about the illegal taxi drivers.
    Car should be confiscated on the spot.
    Europe will probably tell us we're infringing their human rights.

    Scams, what's that they say, you can't con an honest John.

    Jobsworths - when did Irish people stop having a bit of cop on.

    You should put a camera on your dashboard, I think readers would be shocked what you see all day.

  2. Anonymous2:19 AM

    nice backgroung :), Ann

  3. Anonymous9:02 AM

    i always am amazed at the people that fall for these scams .i always believed that theres no such thing as a "free lunch ".but some i suppose are just nieve or if the cynic in me "greedy " this down turn will put alot of peoples feet back onto terra firma .how many times did you hear the guy or gal in the taxi boasting about this house they payed way over the real price for and how they have three others as investments .as my gran used to say "it dos,nt matter how many beds you have ,you can only sleep in one at a time "
    btw i always use anon but you might know me as rusty

  4. Anonymous7:39 AM

    I like the new look John!
    the new monument is good too, has a perpetual flame going on, I like that

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Me again, looking to contact you, the e-mail I have for you ain't working. can you e-mail me: and I'll reply with info

  6. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I'm glad you did not pack it in. I like the new look. Keep on blogging.