Thursday, November 13, 2008

The final curtain ?

The formal garden at the gallery of modern art Killmainham.
The new offices of steel and glass rise up.

A church in Jones Rd, a listed building which was allmost demolished by a developer

Adamstown a new town recently built. Notice the sat nav showing open fields.

First and last fares were memorable in a different way.
First one was a tall lady who got in and asked me to take her to her car, she directed me the long way round back to her car and with almost e10 on the meter we arrived.
As we were going there she told me that she had taken a walk with her friends and as she was going back to her car alone a man started to follow her driving a car, if she walked slower he did the same, so she crossed over the road and then he drove away.
She was a bit shaken. She could not remember any details of the car or the driver.
Then she told me to follow her to the bank as she had no cash and her bank link card is in the car.
So then we drove to the bank in our cars, she then said that she didn't have the card but would I come to her house for the money.
Time is money so I just gave her my address and told her to drop it in the mailbox.

The money has not arrived as I write.

A bit strange!

The last one was from Heuston train station where I could not get on to the queue without blocking the traffic, so I headed up the quays where I picked up a young Chinese couple with a baby, she was well turned out he had jeans and jacket on, we are going to..... say the street again.... no what is the name of the place??
Do you mean the marriage registry office?

Yes!! Are you getting married ? Yes we are. Today? Yes.

That is the second time I have driven a bride and groom together there.
No parents or relations,just friends

I am sure they will have big celebrations when they get back to China.
Their whole lives in front of them.

I wish them well.

Well after all this time I have decided to hang up my keyboard and give the blog a rest.

There are so few comments lately that I must accept that very few people are taking a real interest in it.

Anyhow it takes up a lot of time. Time which I don't have to spare.

I wish you all well in your travels, I will stop by at another time when I am feeling up to the mark again.

I hope some of you enjoyed my slice of life while driving a taxi in Dublin.

If you need to contact me send the e mail to

Perhaps I could slot in a regular column in your magazine or newspaper!
I can do radio slots, or answer the odd question or 2.
All for cash.

Until we meet again Merry Christmas and a happy 2009.

Here is my party piece. Yes I can hit the high note.


  1. No you can't stop :) Even if I never dropped a comment I really enjoyed you're writings and storys.

    Take care


  2. I have to agree John, dont hang up the blog yet, I loved the pic of the Dublin Christmas Tree!

    Keep up the good stuff and why dont you add a donation section to get a few euro / dollars off ur readers

  3. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Hey, don't stop. I only found your blog a few weeks ago, I read it all the time but never dropped a comment. Am sure it takes a lot of time so all the best!


  4. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Please change your mind John. Been following the site for ages and it's great - a unique slice of the life and mood of Dublin at street level. I'm just not a chatter, perhaps like many of your readers maybe. Anyway, if you decide to go ahead with the break, good luck and safe journeys.

  5. I JUSY found you from Roy's site, please don't leave. I read several of your entries and really enjoyed them.

  6. That would be just found you...

  7. Anonymous3:59 PM

    As some people above said, I am also a reader of your blog and really like it a lot:)I was so glad to see a new post today, but got sad after reading it!
    Hope you do not stop!
    Greetings from Poland, Ann

  8. I am delighted to see so many people come out of their hiding places! I like most of you surf from site to site but I always enjoy Johns storys and the pictures, I was even with him when he took the Royal Liver bird picture as he was on a taxi run for me!

    History in the making.

  9. Anonymous9:24 PM

    You're the original john! and the best, I remember you talking me out of quitting early on, I know how you feel, sometimes it seems like you're talking to yourself.....but I, like many others pop by every time you post, folk who comment do so for the strangest reasons it certainly has nothing to do with the quality of the post!
    like now!
    Errr.. not saying it wasn't a great post, just that it provoked your readers into commenting???

  10. Anonymous3:52 AM

    really enjoy your blog
    you have a real individual style.

    always interesting.

  11. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Hey John, DON'T stop. Just 'cos there are not many comments doesn't mean nobody is reading it. I check you out at least twice a week. If you do decide to pack it in good luck to you and all belonging to you. Take care.

  12. Anonymous9:07 AM

    i too, have only found yourselfs and roys blogs, for me as a newish taxi driver 2 years, feel its a lonely game sometimes, unlike other jobs were i used to socialise with my co workers, this job needs something to give us a common bond and blogs like this help , i think, anyway its up to you ,well done and good luck....paul - tallaght

  13. Thanks for all the comments.
    There is some way of putting up a link so you are notified when a blog you are following is updated.
    Just hate it when you are not getting any feedback.
    Take a look at "Cabs are for kissing" blog link on the R/H side.

    Well I will post again but not as often.

  14. Anonymous1:19 PM

    please please stay. this is the only thing keeping taxi drivers sane.

  15. John, The People have spoken. You must keep the blog going! Thanks so much for the referral but, please, not in your own obituary! I promise to comment more often, friend.