Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday, where did the week go?

A boat from the RHA

A hawk at the RHA This looks super.

New trollys waiting for the airport Christmas rush

Forgive me for springing the last post on you my dear reader.
But I believe that perhaps someone may now seek out help or rethink their plans as a result.
I hope so.
Many people are in trouble with money (MABS give great free advices) though don't leave it too late.

A well known property developer who owes the banks in excess of e500 million.
He was called in to tell them how he was going to deal with the current problem.
He arrived into the board room without accountants etc all he had was a briefcase.
They spoke to him at length about how his assets had fallen in value etc. and asked what he was going to do about the situation.

When they all had their say he just opened the case and took out a bunch of bananas.
He gave them one each.
Then turning round to face them he said.

"Well now are all monkeys"

Then he stood up and walked out.

The guy in question would do this kind of thing. I saw him coming out of the high court with his plastic lunch box. If you go into the high court it is costing e10,000 a day at least, so you had better save a few bob by bringing your own lunch.
They say if you owe the bank a small amount of money you have a problem, but if you owe them millions they have the problem.

Yesterday I had a run to the airport from a lady who informed me that she may require an emergency stop. She had food poisoning and had been up all night.
Nice to have the warning, but she managed to go all the way without mishap.

Remember when I got sick a few weeks ago?
The Chinese restaurant where I had the meal is still closed,
If you look back in the blog you can see the photo of the state of the toilets which tells you a lot.
Sticky menus and dirty tables should have given me enough clues.
I will be a bit wiser in future no more e8 lunches for me !

I am busy with my garage, my new neighbor wants to build an extension which involves knocking down my garage and putting in a better foundation.
The advantage for me is that I will have a good wall already built if I decide to extend at some time in the future.
The problem is emptying the garage!!!!!
I keep everything, broken chairs, locks without keys, keys without locks,screws, plugs washers etc,etc.
The builder sent me 2 guys from Transalvania to help me.
First the language lesson.
Skip and Shed(storage container)
I had to watch them all the time.
I paused to show them a mascot for a car, a brass pixie with a pointed hat.
They looked at it and threw it into the ship. Well a few well chosen words had them into the skip to find it.” What kind of a place do you come from?
Did you never hear of the antiques roadshow?”
The reply was “Shed”
Later on in the day I climbed up on a ladder to take down a box when a big spider fell onto my shoulder.
It was around ½ the size of a mouse, wow did that make the boys jump! I didn't see it, but they knocked it off my coat before it had me by the throat.
I didn't know those guys could move so fast.

We were finishing off for the day when one of the lads came in a bit excited, a lady had stepped off the bus and left her handbag behind her.
I jumped into the taxi and caught up with her as she had walked on down the road.
She had 2 kids with her and no English, I managed to get her into the car and dashed off to the terminus where there was 3 buses waiting, no bag.

Then after another 5 minutes her bus came along and the driver had the bag.

Much great joy and on the way home she told me she was Swedish her son was working in Dublin.
Her grandchildren had the fairest blond hair I ever saw almost white.
There was a bit of a fight when I got her home as she tried to press money on me..
“No! No! buy a present for the kids”

Now I have extra brownie points stored up for a rainy day..


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I think we all know who that developer is.

    He will be the poster boy of the properyt crash, when all is Dunne and dusted!

    Are many of the foreign taxi drivers giving up and going home?

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Nice to see you back John.while a lot of people dont post they still read your blog.keep up the good work.God bless.

  3. Anonymous1:48 AM

    John. Good to see you're keeping going. You can be sure that many people read and enjoy your blog. Hope the economy isn't impacting too badly on business. Eamonn

  4. Well dunne Mr Windelberry.
    I will give the blog a few more shots.
    I will try to get a digital video camera to film the carry on that the Dublin taxi business has become.

  5. Anonymous3:27 PM

    hi John,

    I think you really need to use a different background color than black.

    I prefer darker colors on sites myself myself but I think a lot of people aren't used to them.

    Take a look at this blog:

    nice mixture of dark / bright colors.

    enjoying the blog!

  6. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Hey John, nice reading you.
    I was expecting some comments about the football game (Poland-Ireland)...? anyways, hope they weather over there is better than here :( na zdrowie, Ann

  7. I am a funny bloke when it comes to sport Ann.I take no intrest in it at all, I once followed horse racing until I found out how corrupt a sport it is, jockeys stopping horses etc.
    So I just go my merry way now.
    Its hard to believe that there are around 40 million people in Poland, you really are able to boost our population here.

  8. Anonymous2:17 AM

    ha ha ha don't worry, the Poles are coming back, I have first hand information from a removal company: they have lots of orders from people moving back to Poland.

  9. Anon you are missing the point.
    The Polish people who came here were much better educated than the Irish in the main, They took jobs much below their qualifications and they had only planned to stay here for a short while. Now our jobs (Dell etc) have gone to Poland they are off home.
    I welcome the people who came here in the last 10 years. Mostly they were fantastic people. A few of them I have problems with though,no situation is ever perfect.Those people come mostly from 2 countrys.
    (NO lets not go there)

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