Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rugby weekend

A detail from the Bank of Ireland.
British lions wearing crowns are on many buildings here in Dublin.

On the 11th hour 11th day of the 11th month 90 years ago the guns fell silent as WW1 ended. Sad part was that many Irish were not remembered for many years as they were seen as traitors who fought for the British.The only other option for many was to starve at home as there was no work here.

Have a read of "Strumpet City" by James Plunkett.

Garden of remembrance at Islandbridge.

Well it was very nice to see so many people coming forward to encourage me to continue.
It takes time and I felt like no one was reading it.

When I was at the Eastbourne magic convention Juan Tamariz that star of Spanish magic told us that he was trained as a film director, the problem he had was that you made a movie,then it was cut and edited while you were working on your next project. By the time people saw it you had almost forgotten about it. He needed to have feedback instantly...he really gets that with his brand of magic..Look for him on you tube.

So if you get no feedback on a blog you thing there is no one there.

Friday night! what a night. A rugby weekend.

I was off to bed for a sleep when a neighbor called to bring his wife to the lady golf captains dinner in Forrest Little out near Swords, at the appointed time I headed off to the dinner collecting 3 other ladies en route, e45 fare "Keep the e50" plus come and collect us again please.
When I collected them the lady captains were doing a Mamma MIa routene and having a hoot

camera fones are crap
On the way back into town the first time I got a lift in Santry down to the docks, off to see football in England he was.
Back home for my dinner after that I just kept hitting the ball on that sweet spot all night long.
Unlike most times on the open road I harldy put a foot wrong.
I even set a new record for a single taxi fare.
Just a few miles outside Wicklow town e88.
I had a nasty moment where it seemed that I was not going to get paid, but with all their pockets turned inside out and her handbag emptied out We nearly made it.
Then I found e10 on the back seat when I got back in.
So it was happy days as I drove back to Dublin.

I got a bit of a jolt as we waited for her boyfriend to come back out of the house with the money.
She had been having oral sex with him on the back seat and had not been exactly holding back..then she said "I hope he dosen't think I am a bit of a slapper"

Not at all says I, why would he think that?.

"His friends have loads of money" she said as she went in and them with not 20c left between them
They did not know each other 4 hours ago judging by their conversation thats for sure.

I got a few more fares and went down to see the boats coming in.
Around 6 am 3 Roll On ferries dock at the same time and they spew out 6 miles of trucks, its a sight to see as everyone shoots down the dock roads.

My passenger came from London a Romanian whose wife is living in Portmarnock he comes over from London by ferrry where he now works in construction. He had to go when work collapsed here.
Over here every weekend then back to London on Sunday night. I was so tired at that point that I forgot to give her a e10 note which I was holding in my hand, by luck she checked her change..I really would have felt bad if I had noticed it later,for some people things are great,others are living on the margins of society, just managing to hold on nothing more.
This couple are paying 2 rents and spending every weekend going form London to Dublin.
Life I hope will only get better for them.

Just as I was making my now very weary way home A girl from Latvia stopped me for directions to the Malahide Rd. I was so whacked I nearly couldn't think where it was, then I remembered so I said its just down here jump in.
I have no money for taxi.
You don't need it I have had a good night so I brought her to the Statoil garage, she thanked me and insisted that I gave her my number, even though I said that I worked very odd hours.
No I would like to give you my business, you are a good man.
A nice thought.

I just went on 400 meters when I was flagged down by a group who asked me to take a Polish girl into the IFSC. She was so happy,from Gdansk,she had worked here for Lufthansa in a call center for 3 years, she has gone back to Poland and now was back on a visit.

All my memories of Ireland are happy ones she said. I made so many friends and had such a great time.

Once we got to the IFSC she told me to bring her to the airport, so I listened to her happy stories all the way there. I would have loved to have gone with her,her joy was like electricity.

I know I got another 5 or 6 jobs just then but the memories are just a blur.
One other fare tonight which sticks out is a girl who does legal publishing.
Better not have any misprints there said I.
Our most famous one was Pubic instead of Public" Everyone saw it.


  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    John, Carry on with your blog. It's great to read it.

  2. Anonymous1:53 AM

    I, too, love your blog. I'm an attorney in Chicago, USA who stumbled upon some taxi blogs and am now addicted. Seriously, you guys have the funniest and most interesting stories. I laugh myself silly reading your blog and those of your compatriots around the world.

    Keep up the good work. Sometimes your readers don't write anything because we can't think of anything to say, not because the stories aren't interesting.


  3. Really enjoyed this one, keep 'em coming!

  4. John, I am delighted to see your stil writing the blog

    Well done!
    Keep it up

  5. Anonymous11:38 AM

    John. Glad to see you're going to keep it going. Also nice to see that the work was rolling in for you at the weekend. Eamonn

  6. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Yeah don't give up your blog.
    When I am really fed up in work and need a break I give a quick sneaky read of it. Always find it entertaining. Thanks for all the stories and laughs.

  7. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Hey John, great to see you are writing & to hear my compatriot from Gdansk was all joy ;) you should have come with her for a good Polish beer (you are welcome anytime!).

  8. Thanks to all who took the trouble to comment, that Polish girls joy was infectious, I would love to go to Poland.
    That place will take off in a few years .
    God bless.

  9. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Great post.

    I'd never dream of flagging down a taxi if I didn't have the fare!