Monday, March 30, 2009

A line in the sand

The TV on O'Connell St.

Today we are having our 24 hour all out nationwide strike.
It is a line in the sand and drivers must decide on which side of the line they stand.
The Garda have been instructed that if this action took place they were to adopt a zero tolerance stance with us,perhaps it will be like the miners strike in the 70s workers versus Police.
I hope not.
The powers that be at the airport phoned around asking any taxis that could do so to pass the picket and pick up passengers.Even those taxis which had no permit.
The word soon went back to them that if this happened the taxi drivers would blockade the airport.

Good to relate that a bit of common sense prevailed.

It was a very successful strike in so far as very few drivers worked.

Lads if you did work for one of the big radio companies more fool you.
These companies are reducing your fares to build up their business, all that without giving you a 20% reduction in base fees. Don't kid yourselves we saw you pulling into loading bays with your for hire lights on.

I went to Heuston where I did 2 hospital runs to Blackrock clinic and Vincents hospital, they promised to make donations to the value of the fare.

I hope the next time there will be better emergency cover, its wrong to refuse transport to a cancer patient. You should give it free if you are on strike.

So now the line is drawn on the sand its time to stand together or to go home and sit in the corner.

Sorry lads I have tried to read the Goodbody report, still haven't made sense of how we need 6 times the ratio of taxis per head of population here than in any other city.

The TV reports again said the Taxi Drivers For Change are not a trade union.

As if you have to join a union to make change happen

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