Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Monday

Manny's the person thought they woke up here today

Getting ready for the big welcome home party.

The weather over the weekend was fantastic and the trees and flowers are blooming too. Gives your heart a little lift.

Well what a roller coaster week that was.
Ireland beating Wales by a heartbeat to win the triple crown and the Grand Slam.
First time in 61 years.
Bernard Dunne won the WBA world champion boxing belt.

Both contests were close to the end.

To hell with the recession.

I would say a lot of people did not turn up for work today.

I met a fan the other night, 2 girls going up to Drumcondra when the conversation suddenly went quiet.

"I am going to ask you something which may sound odd.....Do you write a blog?"

Fortunately she liked it and reads it twice a week. Wow I have 4 readers including you yourself who are reading it now.

Today I had a girl going from Kilmainham out to Cherryorchard methadone clinic and back,on the way over she said there was a strong smell of urine from her jeans saying that the laundrette mustn't have washed them well.
When she came back into the car she went ballistic "Its from this fucking car"
She ranted on about how she was going to have to wash all her clothes and have a shower to get the smell off herself.
I let her off e5 off the e20 fare and went home to investigate.
I asked my wife who has a keen sense of smell to sit in the back.
"Yes there is a smell, its PVC from the new seat covers"
It may have been a guise to get out of paying anything, she had more money in her pocket than I had anyhow.

Kinda upset my day that did.

Interesting guy from Holland heading to Bullock harbor who has a hairdressing business. He spoke about rents and how much you have to make before you make any money at all. I am going to cover it later.

For the danger of drink look no further

Today was a better day than any of the so called busy days over the weekend, perhaps the run to the airport to Ryanair offices and call back in 1/2 an hour and back into town made up my day.

Last trip of the day I was on the way home when I got an Italian lad going to Barrow st..He works for Google and was just hitting the wall with regard to jet lag, He was just back form New York, when you come back you have a hell of a long day and thats for sure.

There is a bit of gang warfare going on in Limerick at the moment.
Things were getting out of hand so one of the gangs bought 2 bulletproof BMWs,
The CAB (criminal assets bueau) decided that they were the spoils of crime and took them away.
Then to add insult to injury Philip Collopy was demonstrating the correct way to kill a victim with a Glock pistol and shot himself dead.

You should ALWAYS treat a gun as LOADED.


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Its also 61 Years since Cavan won the All Ireland - a sign maybe !!!

  2. Anonymous4:28 AM

    I was in your cab on Saturday after the Dunne fight.

    The margins on your blog look fine to me!


  3. Anonymous6:15 PM

    The young lady in your cab with the sensitive nose was probably just p***ed off.

  4. Well Sam wouldn't that be great.
    Well you know the last time that happened the game was played in the polo grounds in New York.

    Lord Lucan, it was a month ago when the margins went, but they are back now.
    Its very hard to find a good nanny.

    Gordon that made two of us for sure.