Saturday, March 07, 2009

Nothing Doing.

This is how the Garda park, out of gear,handbrake off.
If you want to get out you have to shunt the cars.

A fine house Harcourt Tce

Long Hall pub

Well I got measured up for new glasses the other day.When it was raining at night I had a slight problem looking into the shadows.
I am glad I did not go to this guy.I did however change opticians and the new glasses are spot on.
The last optician who tested me said the glasses were right, though I felt they were wrong.
Its hard to hold on to customers when you fob off their complaints like that. It would have cost them very little to do it right, a good job is better than a whole advertising campaign, at least I think so.

Andrea Bochelli was on in the O2 the other night, 3 people from my house went one in a wheelchair. Do you know that there is no designated area for dropping off or picking up a wheelchair, nor is there proper access for taxis after the show. Some of the people I saw were elderly and on crutches and were no way fit for the wait for buses or the walk home..
On the way back my wife asked a Garda where Castleforbes Road was, he didn't know, him standing 20 yards form it.
Taxis can't get up there and there is no rank anyhow.

What kind of a planning department have we to allow such a chaotic situation to arise.

Tonight Saturday night I am back home, too many taxis and not enough customers.

Crunch time for many drivers now as tempers flair at the ranks. With so many Taxis with bald tires and faulty lights I see standards slipping every day, then again it might just be me.

A good job well done Kathleen Doyle, taxi regulator..

Spoke to a guy who sits in the Shanad, got into a taxi on the Stephens Green rank and asked for O'Connell St.The driver didn't know where it was and when the customer pointed the direction the taxi shot down Grafton St, a pedestrian area for 30 years.
A Garda sent him back up, every time the customer told him to turn he went the other way. On arrival in O'Connell St. there was e20 on the meter.

"I gave him a e5 and told him to buy a map"

I do believe him even though he is a politician.

I met a guy who sells photographs on Grafton St. the other day, an interesting guy he has a photograph of the Christmas lights on Grafton St at night, with no one in sight. You can see the care he took as the shot is so clear and sharp in focus.
He explained to me that It did not happen by accident, he had to meter the light and set the exposure, also he used a special film ans then he had to wait until the street was empty.But its a good shot, I think I will buy a copy.

I love photographs look at this siteClick on the top bar photographers, then on the names then click on the portfolio, I bet you will have seen many of the photographs before.
Bloomsbury auctions in NY have sales,the prints often make $2,000 a piece.
You can buy prints much cheaper than that though.

I heard a thing on the radio. The air sea rescue in Ireland is run by a Canadian company at a cost of over e20 million every year. We have an air corps. They used to do the job until their helicopters became obsolete. Then the job was given to the Canadians, then the Irish air corps got new choppers,, which can do the job, but the tender was never given out again, so the air corps ferry politicians around to attend meetings in style.

Its no wonder we are in a bit of a pickle.

The other day at the Westbury hotel this (Brit)Geezer came along. The oldest swinger in town 66+ wanted to have a fight with the toughest taxi driver there, no one took the bait and he said "I'm an entertainer" as he staggered into Little Cesar's restaurant, from which he was ejected, then in the other door from which he was ejected again. A few minutes later I left the rank to see him being given the bums rush from another cafe.
He looked like but was not one of the Rolling Stones, in this day and age of cameras on phones he should be more careful (could he have been Rod Stewart) Wow I could have hit him and had a paparazzi moment at the same time...
Drink is an awful curse.

Thank God I have not had any near life changing experiences to report, but if I do I will report them DV
I know that when I publish I will remember what bit of news I had to tell.

I heard that the dislexics had a march on the Dail .

But they finished up at Aldi

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