Monday, March 16, 2009


This pub was as old as time,serves "real ale"

This lifeboat saved more than 1,000 lives before being put on display.

Angel of the north, those dots at the base are people.

Just back from Newcastle, a rum place no doubt, ya wouna went ta bea tat fast day at English mon like.
A very strong accent.Every one of them talked like Jimmy Nail

The Angel of the North was something to see near Gateshead, built with 200 tonnes of steel,its wing span is longer than the Statue of Liberty is Tall, which is a fair span.
Another town close by was Jarrow the starting point for the famous Jarrow marchers, who marched to London in protest over jobs.

It was a tough town, I was in a pub on Saturday night for a nightcap and around 15 people in the pub had black eyes and 4 or 5 of them of them were women. You would have to be tough to live there though as the wind cuts through you from the North Sea.
I was in South Shields and the police cars were going up and down Ocean Road breaking up fights all night. A lively spot for many of the wrong reasons.

On the way to the plane I was walking beside Nial Quinn the footballer, he is a good guy, supports children's charities. He gave the money from his testimonial football to 2 children's hospitals. He has his feet on the ground, As I often say it must be great to be good at something which comes easily, to get well paid for it is a bonus and to be well liked for what you do must be the icing on the cake.

Anyhow I am back and we have a big day tomorrow StPatricks day.

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