Thursday, March 12, 2009


David Meade RIP calls for silence at one of the marches.
We are better for his actions and we must work on to make things better in his memory.

An old girl a V8 Rover in great nick.
A rare car.

Its hard to believe that David has passed on, our struggle to turn around the mess we now find ourselves in must continue.

Hello to the girl from Sydney was was in tears .
Her story was this. She had come here to Ireland on a working visa and her plan was to move to London for a year and work there.
She was told by the embassy to apply for the UK visa when her Irish visa ran out.
She went to apply and was told that as here Irish work visa had expired she was no longer a resident of Ireland and she should have applied before her Irish visa ran out.
Which was not what she was told.
Now she has to fly back to Australia to reapply for the UK visa.
There was no process of appeal.
She was in floods of tears, don't blame her either.
An older person would have spoken to the person face to face and noted their name, No harm to bring a witness with you in case you miss a point.

You know Homeland Securities who look after entry to the USA are so rude that I for one will not be making the effort to go back there again. I think the people in charge should look at the manner and demeanor with which they "confront" the visitor. There is no "Welcome to America" there at all.

I had a lucky one the other day, fed up waiting for work at the rank I headed off and caught a fare on South Great Georges St going to East Wall. Just dropped him off when a Merc flashed me to stop.
I thought he was lost.. no. "Do you know Phil Coulter the songwriter? Well I want you to bring this to his house in Bray."

Happy days.

Phil has written many songs,It was a bit like being asked to go to Paul McCartneys house, one song he wrote was this one. Thoughts about his downs syndrome son. Sung here by a very young Luke Kelly.

As far as great songs go there are few songs more powerful than these 2.

Another of his songs about the troubles in Derry much loved by John Hume.
The town I loved so well.

Great songs without a doubt.

Here is Phil singing it himself a bit of footage too.

It must be a great thing to be able to create something, which comes to you without effort,which provides you with a living and just by saying your name you can get a table in the restaurant, that's the bonus.

Well I saw a magic convention was on in South Shields months ago, so I booked my flight and Friday is the big day.
Never been to Newcastle before,The angel of the north's artist is building us a landmark for the Liffey soon.

Looks like I need a rest too much negative things going on a present.
All the doom and gloom is getting me down.(Must be a song there)
Perhaps I will find a way to make the regulator vanish, I hope so.


  1. Anonymous6:06 PM

    John, What age was David Meade? The pressure must have got to him, God love him. RIP David.

  2. I think you'll be seeing a kinder reception to OUR homeland soon, now that we've taken it back from the evil side.

  3. Keep up the blogging John and keep up the fight against the taxi reg - 100% behind ya all

  4. As far David went in for a hip operation and died from a brain tumor that no one knew he had.