Monday, April 27, 2009

Bus strike.

Citroen 2CV "Dolly" a great car in its day.

A "Frog Eyed" Triumph

Morris Minor "Countryman"

If you know your New York you will know who lived here.

Today we had a bus strike and in the nature of these things the news that Clontarf bus station was on strike leaked out slowly.
Many people were standing at the bus stops as empty taxis passed them by.
I stopped at one bus stop to tell the lady there were no buses, all she wanted to do was to have a big discussion about it. (Shut up and jump in already!) I got 3 at the next stop.
Because of the protest tomorrow Tuesday 28th of April there were a lot of taxis around today, but then there are a lot of taxis around every day.

I heard a story the other day which fits well into the "taxi legends" section.

I picked up this lad a few years ago and he just got out of the taxi and straight into a house. I waited for a while, then I rang the doorbell.
A lady came out,very cross she was. "Why are you ringing on my door at this hour of night?"
A man came in here a while ago and he didn't pay the taxi fare.
"There's only myself and me father here" says she slamming the door.

Well I went down to the Garda station and came back with a senior Garda.
She opened the door again.
"Look Garda there is only me and me father here",producing an old man.

"Garda the man I brought here was 20 years younger,he was very well dressed and polite. I waited for him to kiss his girlfriend good bye before he got into the taxi, he said he was sorry he had delayed me so long."
"With that her angry face changed to rage as she went back into the house, this time kicking the poor husband out before her.
He was a sorry lad he hadn't paid me and he offered me 20 Quid extra to tell his wife it was a lie, but the Garda had other ideas for him.
It is an offense not to pay a taxi fare".

Taxi Drivers For Change

Press release for immediate release

Taxi Drivers For Change intend to surround the houses of the Oireachteas from 15.00 to 16.30 on Tuesday 28th of April to further highlight the ongoing and worsening chaos in the Taxi industry. It is anticipated that this will cause some traffic problems. There will also be separate protests conducted by our supporters around the rest of the country.

TDFC have put together a constructed and mandated list of solutions to solve the problems within the industry but Minister Dempsey persists in denying TDFC the opportunity of putting those suggestions forward by not meeting with us. Drivers are experiencing the worst working conditions ever seen in the industry and are angry at the Minister's lack of interest in addressing them. Minister Dempsey continues to ignore the plight of hardworking Taxi drivers and their families and should take note that this will not be forgotten come election time.

Spokesman for TDFC Frank Byrne comments." We've had enough, our drivers and their families need solutions not rhetoric about reports and studies, our patience has run out".
Oh yes the house Irving Berlin no less.

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  1. I personally telling my local TDs and elected members of how the Taxi industy should be their main concern, after all if the likes of the good taxi drivers pack it in we are then left with the bangers of cars and the guys who arent so nice.